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Chucho Valdés - Jazz BatáMusic pop, jazz, folk ...

Chucho Valdés, an institution in Latin jazz with a track record laden with Grammy awards, performs original, vibrant and passionate music. This time, he is coming back for the 50th Voll Damm Jazz Festival Jazz of Barcelona, a festival that he supports and which this year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of his father Bebo Valdés. To celebrate the event, Chucho will be performing one of the most special projects of his career: Jazz Batá which he recorded in 1972 with Carlos del Puerto and Óscar Valdés. Defined then as "Jazz Loco" (crazy jazz) this tribute to Bebo resists being pigeon-holed or labeled through its incorporation of the religious practice of Batá into Jazz. Chucho Valdés will perform it as a quartet with two of the world's most brilliant percussionists: Yaroldi Abreu and Abraham Mansfarroll Rodríguez.

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