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  • Grape Harvest Festival

  • Grape Harvest Festival

  • Grape Harvest Festival

  • Grape Harvest Festival

Penedès Grape Harvest Festival Food and Wine, Festivals
09/03/2022 - 09/04/2022

The grape harvest festival is the period during which the tradition of wine producing is celebrated. During the weeks of the harvest, you can find out all about the vineyards, wineries and their wines throughout the various wine production regions of Catalonia. These celebrations give rise to a variety of activities: guided visits of the wineries, getting to know about and taking part in the wine-making process, wine and cava tastings combined with the sampling of delicious locally produced food and other activities. In addition to wine- and food-related activities, you can also enjoy complementary leisure pursuits suitable for any age group or profile. Below is just a selection of the recommended activities for you to enjoy this thousand year-old cultural experience to the full!


Harvest, taste and tread. Caves Llopart. September 3.
Harvest Picnic. Bodegues Sumarroca. September 3.
Picnic and Harvest with the family. Celler Família Torres. September 3 and 4.
From the vine to the glass. Torres Family Cellar. September 3.
Vintage dinner. Torres Family Cellar. September 3.

Other activities:

Visit with must tasting from the vats. Bodegues Sumarroca. From August 13 to September 4.
Family Harvest Festival with grape stomping. Bodegues Sumarroca. August 21.
Vintage Dinner with Live Music. Bodegues Sumarroca. August 26

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