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  • Equipo Crónica, Aquelarre, 1969. ©Colección 'la Caixa' de Arte Contemporáneo.

Turbulence. La Caixa contemporary art collectionExhibitions and activities
07/20/2018 - 10/21/2018

The Caixaforum presents the exhibition "Turbulencias", a collection of works by 20 contemporary artists of generations, world views and ways of of being different, but with a common denominator: the wish to rouse the observer to reflect on the world in which we live and are building. Works such as "Mother's Day" by Smadar Dreyfus or "The Raft" by Bill Viola, are some examples of how art displays its view on the life that surrounds us, causing turbulence, to trigger society to open its eyes to unknown realities.

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