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Passion for Pharaonic Egypt. 200 years of of collectingExhibitions and activities
07/12/2018 - 12/31/2018

A new temporary exhibition of the Egyptian Museum, which wants to make a tribute to collectors, who were the previous owners of the Museum collection: a total of 105 original pieces.

Through these pieces, we can discover the history of the people, who acquired them. People, who are unknown to the public and others who are well-known in the media, such as Rodolfo Valentino, Terenci Moix, Lord Carnarvon or the family of Winston Churchill, were linked in some way to the pieces exhibited. Some pieces are from iconic Egyptological institutions, such as the Pitt Rivers Museum ofOxford University or the Boston Museum of Fine Arts , along with other eccentric characters of the start of the 19th century, who will fascinate us with their extravagant public personality.

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