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  • Fotografía de Claude Champinot Manifestación del movimiento de extrema derecha Occidente, delante de la sede de France-Soir, calle Réaumur Pariera (II distrito), 21 de mayo.

May 68 through the photographs of "France Soir"Exhibitions and activities
07/10/2018 - 09/11/2018

This year marks half a century since the historic events that took place in Paris in 1968. This exhibition uses a novel approach to evoke the atmosphere of a revolt led by students and workers during the incidents that took place in May 68 in protest against the ultraconservatism of a society anchored in the past. It is made up of 50 photographs taken by eighteen different photographers under contract to the newspaper "France-Soir" which now forms part of the Roger-Viollet Agency. The show is a joint project by the Institut français d'Espagne and the photographers' association CéTàVOIR, in collaboration with the Roger-Viollet Agency. It is a collective work that highlights the violence of the confrontations between students and workers and the police, and the provocation and agitation of the demonstrators who were suppressed without concessions by an intransigent government led by Georges Pompidou.

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