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This is what football's all about - being gayTheatre and shows
08/02/2018 - 09/02/2018

The Gaudí Theater in Barcelona is putting on a musical full of contemporary references. El futbol és així (de gai) (This is what football's all about - being gay) is an in-depth refection on the (supposed) non-existence of homosexuality in the world of football.

Beyond the actual storyline, we are presented with a wide range of issues such as footballing clichés, sports journalism, corruption, the invisibility of women's football and battling egos, to name but a few. Through these, they succeed in building up an accurate picture of the current world of football.

The story begins with the signing of one of the world's best players who arrives anxious to confess that he is attracted to men. It's not going be easy for him...

Musical show in Catalan

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