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Family activities at Fundació Joan MiróFamily activities

The Miró Foundation is putting together a wide range of activities and experiences aimed at all audiences to raise interest in and develop a personal relationship with art.

These proposals are expressed based around three central themes: experiences connected to the Joan Miró collection which encourages creativity beyond contemplation; interdisciplinary activities based on the temporary exhibitions and the Espai 13 cycle, all of which represent an open interpretation of the reality of the museum.

With all five senses: 3 and 31/3, at 10:30am (Spanish) and 12 noon (Catalan).
Hands and Colours. Signing in the Museum: 3/2, at 11am.
The Imagined City: 28/4, at 11am.
A/P (Artist Proof): 17/2 and 17/3, at 10:30am (Spanish) and 12 noon (Catalan).
Splatters: 24/2, 14, 16 and 17/4, at 11am.
Look what I found!: 10/3 and 14/4, at 11am.
Little Stories, Great Women: Museums with Women's Eyes: 23/3, at 5pm.
Images on the Go: 24/3, at 11am.

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