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  • Diego Velázquez, Baltasar Carlos, a caballo.

  • Diego Velázquez, Juan Martínez Montañés.

  • Diego Velázquez, La adoración de los Magos.

Velázquez and the Golden AgeMain Events , Exhibitions and activities
11/20/2018 - 03/03/2019

One of the greatest painters in history is the protagonist of this extensive new exhibition at CaixaForum. Diego Velázquez was born in Seville in 1599 and, before his death 61 years later, produced some of the most renowned works from Spain's acclaimed Golden Age. His renditions of the Spanish royal family (created in his role as the lead artist of the court of Felipe IV) such as 'Las Meninas' are particularly famed, but the Baroque artist also captured religious scenes as well as more down-to-earth subjects, including 1629's 'The Drunks'.

Today, the most important collection of his works is held in Madrid's Prado Museum and that's the source of many of the pieces on show here, which are compared and contrasted with those of several of his Spanish and European contemporaries such as Zubarán, El Greco, Murillo and Ribera. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to see a spectacular selection of 17th-century paintings at Barcelona's beautiful CaixaForum venue.

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