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BEFF. Barcelona Ethical Fashion FestMain Events 2018, Festivals

BEFF (Barcelona Ethical Fashion Fest) is the most innovative festival in Spain and southern Europe focused on sustainable fashion. The initiative was created by the Barcelona Sustainable Fashion association and was held for the first time in November 2014. It aims to raise awareness in society about the advantages of sustainable fashion, and to develop and encourage its creation, production, sale and use.

At the same time, BEFF is committed to creative fashion and the change needed in the fashion industry to meet sustainable criteria and quality, without forgetting style. If you go, you'll find local fashion brands, independent designers and sustainable fashion boutiques taking part in fashion shows and hosting pop-up stores. Leading professionals take part in conferences to discuss different aspects that concern fashion today, such as social and production problems, and thus providing an insight about the path to follow and the future of fashion.

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