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Picasso-Picabia. Questioning paintingMain Events 2018, Exhibitions and activities
10/11/2018 - 01/13/2019

Two artists. Both with Spanish roots, both working at the avant-garde, constantly experimenting with new forms of expression, both at the heart of Parisian artistic movements. While Picasso is arguably more well-known today than Francis Picabia, each made considerable contributions to 20th-century art.

This exhibition, in the beautiful modernista building that houses the Fundación Mapfre, takes visitors on a journey, starting with the emergence of Cubism around 1910, then moving on to Dadaism (of which Picabia was a major protagonist) and the years in the mid-1920s when both Picasso and Picabia were invested in what the curators are calling 'monstrous classicism'.

The show ends with an examination of the paths each man took towards the end of their lives; Picasso concentrated on studies of the human body, while Picabia (who died in 1953, 20 years before his peer) took a reductive approach, creating understated monochromes. Compare and contrast these two men who challenged convention by 'killing the painting' as a way to rejuvenate it.

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