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Extreme BarcelonaSports, Summer in Barcelona
09/13/2024 - 09/15/2024

While some of us are quite content to enjoy traditional sports such as football, tennis and cycling, there's a growing number of aficionados for extreme sports, so-called for their high levels of risk whether that be from the sheer speed or height involved or due to the complexity of the equipment involved.

Unsurprisingly, Barcelona, a place known for its love of the cutting-edge and challenging, is the host of the International Action Sports and Urban Lifestyle Festival. It's three days full of stunned gasps, holding your breath, and relieved, thunderous applause. That's if you're in the audience, of course. For the experts whirling on their BMX bikes, twisting and turning on their skateboards and inline skates, and leaping on their scooters, it's a very different story.

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