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Family activities and concerts at L'AuditoriFamily activities, Classical music and Opera

As it does every season, L'Auditori is offering a special program for families with children of all ages, so that young and old alike can enter the wonderful world of live music.

A wide range of concerts, created for children and designed to make their first musical experience unique and special.

What a Gong!: 3/2, 3/3, 14/4 and 5/5.
Workshop for babies: 26/5.
A morning of music for expectant mothers: 12/5.
Concert for babies: 2/6.
Zoom: 2/2.
Workshop for families: Pica-So: 3 and 10/2.
Sonets de joguina: 9, 10, 16 and 17/2.
From that day on, horns became coiled: 10/2.
Let's play the janggu!, percussion instruments from Corea: 16/2 and 18/5.
Workshop for families: The new colors of brass: 17 and 24/2.
Pica-so: 24/2, 2 and 3/3.
Maaambo: 2/3
The new colors of brass: 9, 10 and 16/3.
Wind everyday-o-phones: Day to day instruments: 16/3 and 13/4.
Workshop for families: Sounds of Bach: 17 and 24/3.
The discoveries of Orsina: The amazing history of the zell harpsichord: 24/3.
Electric stories: 30/3.
Sounds of Bach: 6 and 7/4.
The OBC dances Ravel: 6/4.
Come and sing The Beatles with Sergent Peppers: 27/4.
Workshop for families: sixteen strings: 28/4 and 5/5.
Sixteen string: 11 and 12/5.

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