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Family activities and concerts at L'AuditoriWith the family, Music
01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024

As it does every season, L'Auditori is offering a special program for families with children of all ages, so that young and old alike can enter the wonderful world of live music. A wide range of concerts, created for children and designed to make their first musical experience unique and special.


Workshop for Babies: January 27th and 28th; April 20th and 21st, at 10:45am and 12pm.
Quin Gong: January 28th, February 25th, March 10th, April 14th, and May 12th, at 5:30pm.
That's How It Sounds: January 4th and April 7th, at 5:30pm.
Musical Morning for Pregnant Women: February 11th and May 19th, at 10:30am.
Workshop The Colors of Metal: February 18th and March 3rd, at 11am and 12:15pm.
Quotidiàfons bufats: February 18th, at 5:30pm.
Concert for Babies: February 24th, at 4pm and 5:15pm; February 25th, at 10am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm; June 1st, at 4pm and 5:15pm; June 2nd, at 10am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm.
Playing the Janggu, Korean Percussions: March 2nd and May 4th, at 12pm.
Concert The Colors of Metal - 20 Years -: March 9th, at 12pm and 5pm; March 10th, at 12pm.
Workshop Tutti fan piu: March 10th and 17th, at 11am and 12:15pm.
The Sound Machine: March 17th, at 5:30pm.
Ukulele, the Return Journey: March 23rd and April 20th, at 12pm.
Maaambo: April 6th, at 12pm.
Tutti fan piu: April 6th and 13th, at 12pm and 5pm; April 7th and 14th, at 10:30am and 12pm.
Händel & Friends: April 6th, at 5pm; April 7th, at 12pm.
Workshop Monsters: April 7th and 14th, at 11am and 12:15pm.
Monsters: April 20th, at 12pm and 5pm; April 21st, at 12pm.
Workshop Mamemi... Mozart!: May 5th and 12th, at 11am and 12:15pm.
Mamemi... Mozart: May 11th and 25th, at 12pm and 5pm; May 12th and 26th, at 10:30am and 12pm.

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