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Picasso's cuisineMain Events 2018, Exhibitions and activities
05/30/2018 - 09/30/2018

This exhibition focuses on the approach of Picasso's work through an original theme: gastronomy This approach is thoroughly investigated and includes all essential themes in the life of Picasso. The presence of food is constant in the artist's work and also in literary texts.

You can enjoy the guided visits to the temporary exhibition every Saturday, at 12 noon in Catalan, at 1pm in Spanish, at 3pm in French and at 4pm in English.

Extra activities of the exhibition:
June 5th: In feminine. Restaurant 7 Portes, at 6:30pm.
June 7th & 21st: Picasso's kitchen based on taste. Museu Picasso, at 9:30pm.
June 12th: Gastronomy and the word. Restaurant 4 Gats, at 6:30pm.
June 19th: Science and gastronomy. Museu Picasso, at 6:30pm.
June 21st & 28th; July 5th and 12th: Bits and pieces of a hungry work. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
June 26th: Gastroart. Hotel Mandarín Oriental, at 6:30pm.
July 4th: Futurae Radices: a case to study. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
July 11th: Tasteless Agape. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
July 18th: Culinary visual poetry. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
September 13th: Picasso's Barcelona Kitchen. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
September 20th: Joan Miró's Kitchen. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
September 27th: Picasso in the kitchen. Museu Picasso, at 7pm.
September 30th: Closing of the exhibition with Vegetable Orchestra. Museu Picasso, at 12:30pm.
Saturdays in June and September: Visit – Family workshop Dish on the table, at 5pm.

For all activities, reservation is required:

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