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Casa VicensExhibitions and activities

Now you have the chance to visit this architectural gem, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been restored this year.

The Casa Vicens was the first house designed by Antoni Gaudí and the building that marked the beginning of his career.

Gaudí had actually received the commission from Manuel Vicens i Montaner, a brick and tile factory owner, some years earlier; Vicens had inherited the land, which at the time stood in the independent village of Gràcia, and wanted to build a summer house there. In its design, the recently graduated Gaudí makes extensive use of colour and tiles, with Arabic, oriental and neoclassical influences. The beginnings of his singular style and inventiveness are clearly on show.

Activities at Casa Vicens:

The essence of Casa Vicens. An olfactory visit created by Ernest Ventós, art collector and perfumer, with a tour involving the sights and scents of the first house designed by Gaudí.
Thursdays at 7pm and saturdays at 6:30pm (in Spanish and Catalan on alternate weeks).

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