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  • ©Brassaï, Extinguishing a Streetlight, rue Émile Richard. c. 1932. [Nuit 267]. Estate Brassai, Paris. @Estate Brassaï Succession, Paris.

Brassaï. Paris' EyeMain Events 2018, Exhibitions and activities
02/19/2018 - 05/13/2018

Gyula Halász (1899 - 1984) from Hungary, better known as Brassaï, his pseudonym, was one of the photographers who undoubtedly redefined the potential of photography during the 20th century, as an artistic medium. Brassaï focused particularly on the city of Paris, the core concept of some of the most iconic and significant images. His powerful and artistic eye captured vital moments of the everyday life of the city, especially its nighttime appearance and vitality. We now have the chance to observe his work in an exhibition organized by Fundación MAPFRE and curated by Peter Galassi.

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