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Family activities at l'AquàriumFamily activities
11/10/2018 - 01/27/2019

Shark-Maniacs is the name of the new family season at l'Aquàrium. Come and enjoy some of the sea bed's most wonderful experiences. Take part in a wide range of activities related to our large family of sharks.

Shark Masks
Come to L'Aquàrium de Barcelona and decorate your own shark mask. You can paint it and personalise it however you like.
Audience: all the family (recommended for all ages).
Time: from 12noon to 2pm & frm 4pm to 6pm
Place: cafeteria

The shark's nasty reputation has not been helped by the way it looks, by cinema or by people's lack of knowledge. At L'Aquàrium, we want to help you get to know them a little better, and to stop being so afraid of these magnificent predators. Come and explore; find out what they are really like!
Audience: families (recommended for children aged 3 and over).
Time: from 11:30am to 1:30pm (6 20-minute sessions).
Place: Explora! (2nd floor)

Sharks: Behind the scenes, with Captain Aquàrium
Would you like to see where and how our family of sharks live? Captain Aquarium will show you the places that are normally off-limits to the general public: the quarantine room and the kitchen, the laboratory and the upper part of the Oceanarium.
Audience: families (recommended for children aged 6 and over).
Days: Sundays.
Time: 4pm and 5pm (45-minute sessions)

Shark Clue Game
Many organisms live on the sea bed, but the scariest ones are, of course, the sharks. Are you ready to visit the bottom of the sea and discover which species of sharks live in L'Aquàrium? Solve this clue game while you are strolling through the depths.
Audience: families (recommended for all ages).
Days: from November to February.
Time: throughout the day.
Place: aquarium exhibition (1st floor).

These are all family activities included in the price of admission.
L'Aquàrium de Barcelona reserves the right to alter or cancel any activities where it is deemed necessary.

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