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Santa Maria del Mar at duskFamily activities, Summer evenings
06/2019 - 09/2019

An exclusive visit for small groups means that you can wander through one of the most special churches of the city practically on your own. The galleries, the crypt and the neoclassic chapel that normally cannot be visited, are included in this visit. The silence, the monumental lighting and the vastness of the building make it a unique experience.

Access to the terraces through the towers gives you a new perspective of the building and enables visitors to come closer than ever to the rose window, the picture windows, the buttresses and the gargoyles. From different levels of the roofs, you can see the narrow alleys of the Born, the main buildings of Ciutat Vella and an impressive 360º panorama view over Barcelona at twilight.

This is an intimate, extensive tour, about an hour and a half long, to peacefully wander through all the different parts, and at the same time, delve into the history, learning about anecdotes and historical events of the most emblematic building of Catalan Gothic style until today.

May and June: Saturdays 9pm (the first fortnight, Catalan | the second half, Spanish)
July, August and September:
- Thrusday: 9pm (English) and 9.30pm (the first fortnight, Catalan | the second half, Spanish)
- Friday: 9pm (Spanish) and 9.30pm (Catalan)
- Saturday: 9pm (Catalan) and 9.30pm (Spanish)
Until September 15th (extendable)
 * 23 June and 12 July there is no activity.

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