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Did you know that over 150 different types of meal are prepared for its inhabitants? Come along and don't miss out on feeding time! If its lunch time during your visit, you could be in for a pleasant surprise…

Shark food
Have you ever wondered how sharks are fed? The divers feed the sharks with the help of rods onto which is impaled their favourite food, such as oily fish and squid.
Tuesday and Friday between 12 noon and 1.00 pm. *

The greediest of them all – the penguins!
You can watch how they are fed in the Planeta Aqua Room twice a day every day of the week.
Everyday at between at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm.

The rays don't want to go without their food either. As soon as they see their keepers, they move in to eat. Be careful you don't get splashed though!
Every day at 2.00 pm. except Sunday*

Eagle rays and Morays
Monday to Friday at 12:45pm at the Oceanarium's tunnel. An amazing show! *

* An aquarium is a highly delicate and constantly evolving environment, which means that feeding times can be altered in accordance with the needs of the marine animals and their welfare.

More information about the feeding times: +34 932 217 474.

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