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Three King’s Parade in Barcelona
Three King’s Parade in Barcelona
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It is said that this is the most magical night of the year, and these three characters are definitely to ‘blame’. The Three Kings are enthusiastically welcomed by children and adults every 5 January, just a few hours before they visit our homes bringing gifts for everyone who has been good during the rest of the year. The afternoon of the 5th of January, the Three Kings, with the amazing entourage, will most probably reach the city by sea, docking at the Barcelona Port and then they will parade around the city, giving sweets to the crowds as a prelude to this unique night. The Three King’s floats, magnificently decorated, reflect all of the excitement and magic of this special tradition. Weeks beforehand, boys and girls have sent their letter to the Three Kings, asking for their gifts and at last they will see them in real life.
Place: Streets and squares of the centre of the city
Web site: www.bcn.cat/nadal
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