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    1 | CAELIS

    Signature | Ciutat Vella

    Romain Fornell, the youngest chef distinguished with a Michelin star, is in charge of this restaurant. The tasting menu and wine-pairing menu are particularly recommended. It also has a comprehensive comprehensive lunch menu at a very competitive price. Spaces available for hire

    Via Laietana, 49. Hotel Ohla Barcelona, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:935 101 205 | Email: | Web:



    Catalan | Eixample

    Highly creative, Mediterranean-inspired tasting menus featuring contemporary Catalan cuisine. Modern, sophisticated ambience. The chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings is particularly recommended.

    Aribau, 58, 08011, Barcelona | Tel:933 239 490 | Email: | Web:



    Mediterranean | Eixample

    Restaurant serving creative haute cuisine. Mediterranean décor and ambiance in the centre of Barcelona, with friendly, welcoming service. Restaurant offering a wide range of dining options on its five tasting menus: Clàssic, Gran Clàssic, Festival, Gran Festival and Disfrutar.

    Villarroel, 163, 08036, Barcelona | Tel:933 486 896 | Email: | Web:

  • GAIG

    4 | GAIG

    Catalan | Eixample

    An old coachmen's tavern from 1869 is now one of the city's great gastronomic showpieces. Its quality and originality have earned it a coveted Michelin star. Master chef Carles Gaig offers a constantly updated cuisine that is solidly rooted in tradition. Every choice on the menu (especially including the rice dishes) is a culinary festival.

    Còrsega, 200, 08036, Barcelona | Tel:934 291 017 | Email: | Web:


    5 | HISOP

    Catalan | Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

    The restaurant’s cuisine is based on the logic behind the social and cultural realities in Catalonia. Its goal is to be able to create contemporary dishes, with a creative, thought-provoking twist using not only local ingredients, but also the traditional, classic flavours.

    Ptge.Marimon, 9, 08021, Barcelona | Tel:932 413 233 | Email: | Web:


    6 | HOFMANN

    Signature | Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

    The public image of the prestigious cookery school Hofmann, founded and directed by Mey Hofmann. Many of the chefs who have made a name for themselves on today's gastronomic scene learned their trade here. Creatively refined Mediterranean cooking. Excellent wine list.

    Granada del Penedès, 14-16, 08006, Barcelona | Tel:932 187 165 | Email: | Web:



    Signature | Eixample

    Top-level gastronomy created by the prestigious chef Martín Berasategui following his famous and successful formula that balances ingredients with the cooking process. A painstaking selection of classic Martín Berasategui signature dishes.

    Mallorca, 259. Hotel Condes de Barcelona, 08008, Barcelona | Tel:934 453 242 | Email: | Web:


    8 | NECTARI

    Mediterranean | Eixample

    Modern, welcoming atmosphere. Modern, imaginative cuisine where the produce is of primary importance. Nectari is committed to authentic, quality, seasonal produce that is locally sourced and far removed from the complex fusion of flavours and textures. Extraordinary wine list and mineral waters.

    València, 28, 08015, Barcelona | Tel:932 268 718 | Email: | Web:


    9 | ROCA MOO

    Catalan | Eixample

    Overseen by the Roca brothers (Celler de Can Roca) and run by the chef Rafa Panatieri. Moo offers a highly personal take on Catalan cuisine and serves up a gastronomic pairing of exquisite recipes and carefully selected signature wines.

    Rosselló, 265. Hotel Omm, 08008, Barcelona | Tel:934 454 015 | Email: | Web:


    10 | TICKETS

    "Tapas" | Eixample

    Sharing, talking, tasting, exciting, that’s Tickets. La Vida Tapa, a way of understanding life through gastronomy. Contemporary tapas. The restaurant has different bar areas. Our special Ruinart table is available for groups of up to eight people.
    Comments: Bookings can only be made on the website.

    Av. Paral·lel, 164, 08004, Barcelona | Tel:932 924 253 | Email: | Web:

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