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Duane MichalsExhibitions and activities
05/31/2017 - 09/10/2017

Among the great names of contemporary photography Duane Michals (Pennsylvania, 1932) holds a prominent place by the way in which his long career has contributed decisively to the renewal of the visual language of our time.

From approaches close to surrealism and the resulting understanding of Photography as an expression of the hidden aspects of the human being, Michals has developed a singular work, estranged from market conventions, which has given rise to revolutionary transformations in contemporary photography, such as narration in sequence or the overlapping of writing over images.

Through its 177 pieces, this exhibition –one of the most complete ever presented in Europe- offers a broad anthology both of the series that have formed his career and of his different modes of expression: from the suggestive solitude of Empty New York to his recent short films on video, of an overflowing creativity. To all this is added an outstanding selection of his commercial work, which over time has come to shape an attractive portrait gallery of culture and entertainment personalities.

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