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Peix (Fish), Frank Gehry

The Fish sculpture by the architect Frank Gehry, who won the Pritzker Prize in 1989, has become one of the symbols of post-Olympic Barcelona and looks as if it is bobbing along on the waters of the Mediterranean. The sunlight is reflected in the scales of this sculpture that presides over the waterfront of the Olympic Marina and Barcelona's beaches.

In 1992, the pristine Olympic Barcelona was transforming its seafront. A new Olympic Marina was taking shape, presided over by its twin towers. On one side stood the Mapfre Tower; on the other was the Hotel Arts. Frank Gehry placed his fish sculpture at the foot of the hotel. The animal is 56 metres long and 35 metres high and seems to be longing to jump into the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The sculpture was made from intertwining gilded stainless steel strips supported by a metal structure, its gentle, subtle form marked by its intense gold colour. The interplay between the rays of the sun and skin creates the impression of scales, depending on the intensity of the light, and accentuates the organic form of this vast sculpture. The Fish sculpture can be seen from Barceloneta Beach and the Olympic Marina, and has become one of the city's best-loved iconic landmarks.

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