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Attractions and leisure

Everybody loves leisure and having fun. And Barcelona offers fun for everyone: kids and adults, thrill seekers, and people in search of peace and quiet. You can walk among sharks, stroke dolphins, take a head-spinning ride on a roller coaster or enjoy the magnificent views of Barcelona and peaceful atmosphere of the parks. Although the best thing is to try and fit them all in.

From amusement parks to a bird's-eye view of the city, you can't imagine what Barcelona has to offer.


Parks in the city and in the hills, mazes and gardens, works of art like the Park Güell; and all of them in the open air.


Over 4 and a half kilometres of beaches with every amenity, invite you to enjoy the Mediterranean throughout the year.

With kids Sharks at L'Aquàrium, harbour cruises, voyages to outer space at CosmoCaixa… It's not a story, it's Barcelona.

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Children's activities at Caixaforum.
Family activities
Come to dance?
Family activities
Library of ropes and knots
Family activities
From 3/2/2015 to 15/2/2015
The floating house
Family activities
From 14/2/2015 to 15/2/2015
Barcelona Restaurants
The Catalan capital is also a culinary capital: prestigious chefs serve up our traditional cuisine and the flavours from around the world. Can you decide on one?
altimage altimage Tibidabo Barcelona altimage Barcelona Bosc Urbà altimage altimage
Mobile World Capital- Barcelona
This winter in Barcelona

The climate won’t stop you, because Barcelona offers you very interesting options for every period of the year. Here are a few suggestions for this winter:

But there’s much, much more! Make the most of the winter sunshine and take a stroll along Barcelona’s beaches and through its parks, discover the most important exhibitions and the seasonal cuisine, and do a spot of shopping... Do you need any more ideas?

Barcelona welcomes you to...
  • Mitja Marató Barcelona. 15 February 2015
    The 25th Half Marathon covers an urban circuit of 21,097km, is the first big race of 2015.
  • 10th Congress of ECCO. 18-21 February 2015
    The major educational event, in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Europe.
  • Mobile World Congress. 2-5 March 2015
    The most innovative industry-leading event in global mobile communications.
  • Trial Indoor Barcelona. 8 March 2015
    The world's most important Trial and Indoor Enduro Event