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  • D'A Film Festival

    D'A Film Festival

    The D'A Film Festival of Barcelona is an essential springtime event for aficionados of contemporary indie and auteur cinema, both local and from around the globe; some of the films shown have already won awards at other festivals while many are getting their Spanish premiere. This year D'A reaches its eighth edition and on its programme for 2018 are features such as a retrospective of Japanese director Nobuhiro Suwa, and new and avant-garde Spanish talent whose works, both fiction and non-fiction, are produced at the margins of the mainstream industry.

    With close to 100 films being presented, one of the highlights of D'A is always the attendance of many of the directors whose works are being shown for round tables and Q&A sessions about their productions. As ever, various venues show the films selected for D'A: Aribau Club 1 and 2 cinemas, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), the Filmoteca de Catalunya and SGAE Catalunya.

  • Disney. The art of telling stories

    Disney. The art of telling stories

    Disney imaginary dates back many years. The childhood of millions of children from all over the world was marked by the versions that the Disney studios made of classical tales and legends, like King Midas, Hercules, The Three Little Pigs, The Grasshopper and the Ants, Snow White, Cinderella or Robin Hood. All this wealth of inspiration is now displayed at the exhibition "Disney. The art of telling stories". Through a wide range of drawings, visitors can wander through the creative background of the Disney studios.Thie illustrated material is complemented with production notes, storyboards and studies on people, which help to understand how classical stories became cartoon films.

  • Nits d'Estiu (Summer nights)

    Nits d'Estiu (Summer nights)

    Throughout the summer, most evenings see special cultural and gastronomic activities held at venues around the city.

    Many modernista spaces, such as Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Palau Güell, Casa Amatller, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, host concerts, suppers, drinks and audiovisual shows.

    In turn, several cultural venues, including Poble Espanyol, CaixaForum and El Born Centre de Cultura i Memoria, open late at least one night a week, allowing you to enjoy their exhibitions and special activities away from the daytime crowds and heat.

    Film fans can head to open-air screenings like Sala Montjuïc, which shows movies at the castle on top of Montjuïc, Gandules, a free event at the CCCB where the audience sits in deckchairs (gandules in Catalan), and Cosmonits, a programme of sci-fi films at CosmoCaixa.

    Finally, the city's parks host evening concerts and the Liceu goes al fresco with the outdoor screening of one its operas.

  • Beefeater Festival In-Edit

    Beefeater Festival In-Edit

    One of Barcelona's most popular film festivals, In-Edit focuses on music documentaries with productions that take in the whole spectrum of popular sounds. Created back in 2003, its audience numbers more than doubled in size for the 2004 edition, from 1,200 to 2,800, and less than ten years later more than 30,000 people streamed through the doors of the various venues that host In-Edit screenings.

    It all goes to prove that the organisers were spot on in thinking that there was a ready-made audience that loves the partnership of music and film. Doubtless part of its appeal is the range of musicians featured; you might catch the behind-the-scene story of Marianne Faithfull, The Stooges, John Coltrane or Gary Numan. You could also discover some of the more unusual acts that have emerged over the years and whose fascinating stories have been captured on film, as well as delve into the background of rhythms and sounds from around the world that are perhaps less familiar to you.

  • Loop Barcelona Festival

    Loop Barcelona Festival

    Created in 2003, Loop is a platform that focuses on the possibilities and challenges presented by video art, one of the key artistic movements of modern times. Each year, Loop hosts professionals (including curators, collectors and gallery-owners) and the public for a gathering where they can explore the latest technological and other developments in the moving image sector and see the work of new and established creatives who use video as their main tool.

    Loop Festival runs for around 10 days and includes screenings, exhibitions, concerts, talks and other live events at numerous venues around the city (highlighting the flexible character of the format).

    Running concurrently is Loop Fair, a shorter but just as intense event that features work selected by an international committee of specialised collectors, and looks for new ways to present art considering the rapidly changing ways that audiences have of experiencing moving images nowadays.

  • Human Rights Film Festival

    Human Rights Film Festival

    This is the 15th edition of the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival, which aims to be a non-commercial bridge between cinema and the defence of human rights; the organisers want to make audiences think, raise awareness, denounce injustices, reflect on humanity's social and cultural diversity, and search for a sustainable human race – unsurprisingly, these objectives have led the festival to become one of the world's most important events on this subject.

    It screens over 100 films related to the theme of human rights, many of which are premieres, divided into different sections including full-, half- and short-length, fiction and documentaries.

    Parallel activities include workshops, masterclasses in universities, and sessions in penitentiary centres. Subject matter at last year's festival included the cases of 16 people who disappeared under the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, a short about female genital mutilation in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, and a documentary about the 'honour' killings of women in Palestine and other Arab societies.

  • Stanley Kubrick at CCCB

    Stanley Kubrick at CCCB

    The American film director Stanley Kubrick is the subject of this exhibition which will run until March 2019. The various exhibition rooms will display a large quantity of material related to Kubrick and his films: costumes used, pieces of recording material, projects that never came to fruition, photographs, etc.

    Director of films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and many others, he left a legacy which, in 2003, for the first time, allowed access to his personal archives for them to be appreciated.

    The exhibition is based on a chronological journey through Kubrick's creative career, from his years of apprenticeship as a photographer with the magazine Look through to his unfinished projects (Napoleon, The Aryan Papers) and those he entrusted to other filmmakers (A.I. Artificial Intelligence).

  • Literary Barcelona at its best

    Literary Barcelona at its best

    Barcelona contains a host of literary Settings and many novels have vicariously helped their readers to travel. Now you can tour the city by following the Settings of certain books written by internationally renowned authors. We propose you 5 literary routes.

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