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  • Beehave


    Beehave is an exhibition project that reflects contemporary artists' growing interest in the survival crisis affecting honey bees and many other insect pollinators.

    The exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró will include a series of newly-produced installations that will invite visitors to approach a variety of aspects of the cognitive world of bees while providing them with transformative immersive experiences. The show will also include a room with pieces by the artists responsible for the urban interventions.

    From March 15th to June 17th, Beehave will also unfold throughout Barcelona with actions aimed at raising citizen awareness concerning the important role that honey bees play in preserving biodiversity, on which the endangered balance of our planet's ecosystems depends.

  • Kader Attia. Scars remind us that our past is real

    Kader Attia. Scars remind us that our past is real

    The Franco-Algerian artist, Kader Attia, was winner of the latest edition of the Joan Miró Award. This award, given by the Fundació Joan Miró and the Obra Social "la Caixa", acknowledges artists who stand out for their spirit of research, innovation, commitment and freedom that characterizes the life and work of Joan Miró. Attia has personally selected the works for this exhibition, which focus on the notion of reparation. According to the artist, the West has covered up the marks of tragic episodes of a common past, which does not help to heal the deepest wounds. His pieces show the disparity and unequal relations in areas of cultural friction.

  • La Rambla

    La Rambla

    Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without the Rambla. A wander up and down this famous boulevard is a ritual well worth observing. Just soak up the atmosphere and admire the buildings, from the Canaletes fountain to the Columbus Monument, which connect the old and modern city with places like Liceu and Boqueria. A walk through the life and history of the city.

  • Contemporary Route

    Contemporary Route

    Barcelona is known throughout the world for its architecture. This is why the city didn't want to fall behind in the race to have some of the world's finest contemporary buildings. The names of today's great architects and artists are present in almost every city neighbourhood.

  • Miró Route

    Miró Route

    The Barcelona-born artist Joan Miró left the city a legacy and an imprint which can be glimpsed all over the city. Miró’s desire to investigate and explore new avenues of creativity splashes the colourful city of Barcelona with his characteristic colours and forms. He does so inside the Fundació Miró, but in the street as well.

  • Museums


  • Gastronomy in cultural centres

    Gastronomy in cultural centres

    Gastronomy and culture go hand in hand so much so that Barcelona combines culture with fine dining. You can eat in a Museum or in a unique builing here... the choice is yours!

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