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  • La Castanyada

    La Castanyada

    La Castanyada is a traditional festival that is deeply rooted in Catalonia and celebrated on 1st November, All Saint’s Day. People get together and hold parties where they eat chestnuts – castanyes in Catalan –,panellets - small balls of almond paste coated in pine nuts –, sweet potatoes and other autumnal produce.
    You can make panellets at home or buy them in the bakeries of Barcelona.

    This public holiday is celebrated with family, friends and even in schools. It is often accompanied by chestnuts and panellets (traditional marzipan cookies) served with sweet dessert wine. Around the time of this celebration, specialist vendors take to the streets to sell their hot freshly-roasted chestnuts.
    The Castanyada (Chestnut Festival) and All Saints Day indicate that summer is over and that colder weather is on the way.

  • Vi+, the month of DO Alella

    Vi+, the month of DO Alella

    October is the time for Vi+, a program of activities designed to give you an in-depth experience of the DO Alella Wine Route.

    There are a number of suggestions aimed at all types of audience relating to the world of wine, the countryside, cuisine and local products: presentations of wines and visits to wine cellars; supervised tastings, preparation of meals and gastronomy workshops; discussion days; performances of music, theater, literature and poetry teamed with wine; sporting events; heritage trails and guided nature rambles; and packages including hotel accommodation, wellness treatments and wine therapy to name but a few. Taste and enjoy Vi+!

  • Halloween at PortAventura Park

    Halloween at PortAventura Park

    Halloween at PortAventura Park begins. This is one of the main and long-waited events of the park for all the family. For almost two months, ghosts and living dead can be seen at the park, which will be the most terrifying fun place ever seen.

    Enter a jungle swarming with strange creatures, be brave enough to discover the secret passages of the streets of Penitence and see an amazing Halloween show on the gloomiest lake in the park. Younger visitors will gasp in amazement with the special characters at the Halloween Family Festival in SésamoAventura and they'll have fun with Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and Zoe with their Halloween songs and dances.

    And every day when the park gets ready to close, it's time for all the stars of PortAventura World's Halloween to get together for a terrifyingly fun parade.

  • Halloween at Poble Espanyol

    Halloween at Poble Espanyol

    Dress up as wizards or witches, zombies, demons, mummies, skeletons or your favourite scary characters and come to the spookiest party of the year with family or friends. Poble Espanyol de Barcelona shall be turned into the perfect place to celebrate one of autumn's most terrifying, popular and fun traditions.

    Scares for all those who attend with terrifying decorations and spooky characters in a traffic-free environment. Several corners of the Poble will feature activities and workshops for children: a space for drawing, a spooky obstacle course, a film screening with Andorra Kids Film Festival, two haunted tunnels suitable for different ages and scary storytellers!

  • Parks of Barcelona route

    Parks of Barcelona route

    There are many different sides to Barcelona: the Barcelona with its traditional neighbourhoods, the Gothic, modernista and contemporary city… but there is also a green Barcelona, the Barcelona of parks and gardens. You’ll find them dotted around the city. These green spaces are always interesting, whether it be for their plants, urban design or sculptures.

  • Beaches


    Barcelona has ten accessible beaches, with Wi-Fi and excellent amenities and services inviting you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year.

  • Protected natural areas

    Protected natural areas

    Nature in its purest state just a couple of hours away from Barcelona.

  • Mountain activities

    Mountain activities

  • Three city squares for a peaceful Sunday

    Three city squares for a peaceful Sunday

    City squares, particularly in Barcelona, are a meeting point, the focus of city life that gauge the mood of its residents. Spending a Sunday exploring the city's squares can be a great way to discover the city.

  • Seasonal produce: mushrooms

    Seasonal produce: mushrooms

    If you're someone who enjoys savouring every trip to the full, this is unquestionably your time of year to visit Barcelona. Every year, with the first autumn rains, Catalonia undergoes a cultural and culinary transformation focusing on a food that is an intrinsic part of its identity: mushrooms.

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