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  • Palacio del Flamenco

    Palacio del Flamenco

    The Palacio del Flamenco is an old theater located in central Barcelona with a long-standing social and artistic tradition. Its large capacity ensures that it is possible to eat dinner and watch the show in comfort.

    In addition to the three daily shows, 'Flamenco y Olé', 'El Gitano Bajanó' and 'Pasión Flamenca', there is a wide menu choice covering everything from tapas to vegetarian cuisine.

    The audience can gain a deep appreciation of this art and enjoy an evening of the most beautiful flamenco in an unforgettable setting.

    Performances canceled until further notice.

  • Wine of the Week at Mirador de Colom

    Wine of the Week at Mirador de Colom

    Every week the Wine Tourism Information Point and Mirador de Colom Wines recommend a different wine. Visit the Mirador +wine or cava tasting, plus a second tasting of the Wine of the Week. If you like the wine, you can purchase it at a discount. Don't miss this unique experience: A journey through the true flavors of the territory from the city center!

    Activity canceled until further notice.

  • Tastings with wine and cava at the Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument)

    Tastings with wine and cava at the Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument)

    Celebrate the traditional Catalan fiestas with wine and cava at the Mirador de Colom Enotourism and Wine Information Center. Come to the monument and do a wine or cava tasting accompanied by a variety of sweet specialities such as 'panellets' (a typical almond and pine nut cookie eaten around All Saints Day), Christmas 'turróns' and the traditional 'tortell', a ring-shaped pastry decorated with candied fruit and eaten on Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day.

    Come and enjoy the sweetest of experiences at the Mirador de Colom!

  • Easter


    In the days leading up to Easter, Catalonia's patisseries always put on a delicious and original shop window display: cakes and figures made of chocolate, some in such complex detail that they could be easily be termed works of art. This typically Catalan and Valencian tradition is known as the "Mona de Pascua" (the Easter 'Mona'). Mona is the Spanish word for female monkey but, in this context, the term derives from the Arabic word "munna", which loosely means "a treat for your mouth", a gift in the form of a sweet confection that the Moors would give to their overlords to celebrate the end of Lent. Catholic tradition involves godfathers giving the 'mona' to their godchildren on Easter Sunday, although the correct day to enjoy them is on Easter Monday, which is a public holiday in Catalonia, when families come together to eat the 'mona' as their dessert. You can taste this exquisite tradition at the Mirador de Colón.

  • Time for Calçots

    Time for Calçots

    Winter in Catalonia has a lot to offer, and one of the tastiest things about it is undoubtedly the arrival of "calçots" (spring onions) season. This type of onion is a gastronomic pleasure that focuses its production on the area of the Camp de Tarragona but manages to makes it into every restaurant in the country. Eating them is a ritual in itself, which includes grilling them using a brick tile where the calçots are roasted, they are then wrapped up with newspaper and are paired with a magnificent sauce called romesco, which has hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, peppers, garlic and tomato. The calçots should be dipped in the sauce and in order to avoid staining your clothes, everyone usually wears a big bib that also adds to the festive and fun atmosphere of a calçotada. There are lots of restaurants in Barcelona that include them in their menus, such as Mussol, Can Vador and Can Travi Nou, and certain wineries such as Sumarroca or in an open-air architectural museum like the Poble Espanyol also offer them to their visitors.

  • KitchenBCN: Learn to cook for free

    KitchenBCN: Learn to cook for free

    Being obliged to stay at home is clearly a great time to get cooking and to learn a wide range of techniques and recipes that will make your life simpler - and more tasty! Kitchen Academy is an online gastronomy school run by bcnKitchen which is currently providing its online cookery courses completely free of charge. Learn to prepare dishes from all over the world through explanatory and educational videos featuring leading experts.

  • Restaurant Xerta: You are the chef

    Restaurant Xerta: You are the chef

    Fran López, holder of a Michelin star and chef at the restaurant Xerta, shares some of his delicious recipes via his Instagram account. Learn to make elaborate and tasty dishes from one of today's young rising stars of culinary world.

  • Restaurant 7 Portes in your own kitchen

    Restaurant 7 Portes in your own kitchen

    The Restaurant 7 Portes is one of Barcelona's most iconic restaurants. Because of these special circumstances, in which it has to remain closed, it has decided to make its recipes available to the whole world, and so for the duration of the lockdown they are publishing some of their most famous dishes along with step by step instructions. These are not haute cuisine creations but rather quick and easy-to-make dishes such as Catalan-style Spinach, Onion Soup, "Bacallà a la Llauna" (oven-baked cod) and 7 Portes Cannelloni. Let's get started!

  • Hofmann Barcelona: perfection on a plate

    Hofmann Barcelona: perfection on a plate

    Hofmann Barcelona is one of Barcelona's most prestigious cookery schools. Some of the best-known national and international chefs were students here. Through its Facebook page, Hofmann Barcelona is lifting our spirits over this period by suggesting a number of useful recipes backed with all the technical knowledge needed for you to make them like a true professional.

  • Nandu Jubany: Lockdown instructions

    Nandu Jubany: Lockdown instructions

    Nandu Jubany, chef at the renowned Can Jubany restaurant and the driving force behind other projects such as the restaurants Pur/Impur in Barcelona and Foc in Singapore, is making assiduous use of his Twitter account to teach you new recipes and dishes. With his 'lockdown instructions', you will learn how to make mouthwatering dishes such as Spanish garlic chicken and rice casserole.

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