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  • Guitar BCN

    Guitar BCN

    This may essentially be a festival based on only one instrument, but the sounds, performers and styles on the programme could scarcely be more wide-ranging. The skill of the organisers, leading Spanish music promoters The Project, in bringing together Catalan, Spanish, European and international performers from a variety of musical genres is quite something. Flamenco to pop, classic Cuban to contemporary Catalan, acoustic and electric, emerging and veteran acts – all this and more fills the many city venues that take part in Guitar BCN.

    Concerts are canceled for the next 15 days.

  • 6tth Maria Canals International Music Competition of Barcelona

    6tth Maria Canals International Music Competition of Barcelona

    From 20th to 31st July, the Palau de la Música Catalana is hosting the Maria Canals International Music Competition, which has been attracting renowned young pianists to Barcelona for 65 years. The aim is to take advantage of the presence of this young talent in the city to bring piano music to the general public.
    As they do every year, the OFF Competition will be distributing more than 100 pianos throughout different spaces in Barcelona, so that anyone who is able to can play and enjoy them.

  • Festival del Mil·lenni

    Festival del Mil·lenni

    One of the most highly awaited music festivals of the season, the Festival del Mil·lenni will be celebrating its 21st edition. Spread out over several months, the Festival program schedules a series of concerts in the city's best theaters and auditoriums to cover almost all musical genres: from pop to Flamenco, as well as classic, folk and jazz music. Each year prominent international artists touch down in Barcelona and this year will be no different. This year's Millenni festival will be hosting artists of the likes of Saint Etienne, Mika, Glen Hansard, Diego el Cigala, Manolo García and Amaia.

  • La Bohème - Puccini

    La Bohème - Puccini

    With la Bohème, Giacomo Puccini composed an operatic depiction of bohemian life in the Paris of 1830. Based on the intertwining stories of young artists from the Latin Quarter of Paris and their love affairs, this opera in four acts premiered in 1896 in Turin and was highly successful. It has now come to the Palau de la Música in a dramatized two-hour version with symphonic orchestra, soloists and choir.

  • Tribute to Paco de Lucía

    Tribute to Paco de Lucía

    From February to May the Palau de la Música Catalana is offering a series of concerts in honor of the great Paco de Lucía. This is a one-off show which brings together three internationally renowned guitarists, Manuel González, Xavier Coll and Luis Robisco, together with the dancing duo of Jose M. Álvarez and Carolina Morgado. A Spanish and Flamenco guitar fusion which will entertain us with compositions by Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz, Chick Corea and Paco de Lucía himself.

    Concerts canceled until further notice.

  • The magic Flute

    The magic Flute

    The Palau is staging a performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute. This piece by this brilliant composer has a classic plot (the fight between good and evil) but also features ambiguous and puzzling characters. Composed in the form of a Singspiel, a popular musical style that includes both singing and spoken dialog, The Magic Flute premiered in 1791 in Vienna, only two months after Mozart's death. On this occasion the Terrassa 48 Orchestra, the NovAria Ballet and the NovAria Choir will be performing this work.

  • Auditori: A Spotify list of everything they had scheduled

    Auditori: A Spotify list of everything they had scheduled

    Have you missed out on any of the concerts that the Auditori had scheduled? You can still enjoy the most genuine classical music with the "Auditorium Coronalist", a Spotify list that compiles the composers, conductors and soloists who should have performed at the Auditorium but can´t due to the cancellations owing to Covid-19. Happy listening!

  • Jamboree: Almost live concerts

    Jamboree: Almost live concerts

    The legendary Jamboree jazz club offers lovers of this genre a series of the club's live recordings. You can access all the concerts on its YouTube channel and listen to them over and over again, like you were actually there.

  • Palau de la Música: a virtual alternative

    Palau de la Música: a virtual alternative

    Palau de la Música has launched "Digital Palau", a virtual extension of the Palau and the Orfeó Català (Catalan Choral Association). Through its web link, you can access recordings, conferences, master classes and meetings with artists. Some of their most outstanding concerts are also hosted for you to fill your hours of confinement with classical music pieces by the greatest artists.

  • Museu de la Música (Music Museum) enter virtually

    Museu de la Música (Music Museum) enter virtually

    You obviously can't go in person, but the Museu de la Música Youtube channel has a series of educational and fun videos. On one hand you can discover the magic of the museum or learn about the kora instrument. On the other hand, you can enjoy live concerts in the museum's surroundings. You can also access Spotify and search for the Museu de la Música de Barcelona user to access all its playlists.

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