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  • Barcelona Obertura Classic & Lyric: Spring Festival

    Barcelona Obertura Classic & Lyric: Spring Festival

    El Barcelona Obertura Spring Festival, a new venture of Barcelona Obertura Classic & Lyric, spreads classical music around the city and, for fifteen days, the best international artists are on stage at the three main venues: Gran Teatre del Liceu, Palau de la Música Catalana and L'Auditori.

    Barcelona Obertura Classic and Lyric brings together the city's key classical music venues to extend their global reach and reputation even further, and demonstrate Barcelona's wealth of classical music programming.

  • Guitar BCN

    Guitar BCN

    This may essentially be a festival based on only one instrument, but the sounds, performers and styles on the programme could scarcely be more wide-ranging. The skill of the organisers, leading Spanish music promoters The Project, in bringing together Catalan, Spanish, European and international performers from a variety of musical genres is quite something. Flamenco to pop, classic Cuban to contemporary Catalan, acoustic and electric, emerging and veteran acts – all this and more fills the many city venues that take part in Guitar BCN.

  • Festival Internacional de Jazz de Terrassa

    Festival Internacional de Jazz de Terrassa

    Jazz music, but also exhibitions, movies, family sessions, dance, competition and gastronomic routes. The Terrassa Jazz Festival has become a must for jazz lovers There will be performances at different venues, including international and local artists.

  • Festival del Mil·lenni

    Festival del Mil·lenni

    One of the most highly awaited music festivals of the season, the Festival del Mil·lenni will be celebrating its 21st edition. Spread out over several months, the Festival program schedules a series of concerts in the city's best theaters and auditoriums to cover almost all musical genres: from pop to Flamenco, as well as classic, folk and jazz music. Each year prominent international artists touch down in Barcelona and this year will be no different. This year's Millenni festival will be hosting artists of the likes of Saint Etienne, Mika, Glen Hansard, Diego el Cigala, Manolo García and Amaia.

  • Johann Strauss: Grand New Year's Day Concert

    Johann Strauss: Grand New Year's Day Concert

    Inspired by the traditional concert held in Vienna on 1 January every year, this New Year's Day Grand Concert in which the Strauss Festival Orchestra will perform Strauss's best waltzes, polkas and marches returns to the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Napoleon, Flower Festival, Klipp Klapp, The Emperor Waltz and Champagne. The most famous waltz of all will also be in the repertoire: The Beautiful Blue Danube. So too will the Radetzky march which usually draws the evening to a close to the thunderous applause of the public. An unmissable event thanks to the extraordinary festive atmosphere that envelops it and its popularity with the public. Don't miss out on a ticket!

  • Tribute concerts at the Palau de la Música: Queen, Abba, Dire Straits, Tina Turner, Mecano and Michael Jackson

    Tribute concerts at the Palau de la Música: Queen, Abba, Dire Straits, Tina Turner, Mecano and Michael Jackson

    The Palau de la Música is putting on a series of tribute concerts evoking all the magnificence of the concerts of legendary artists. The bands that best reinterpret and stage great rock and pop legends will be helping us to experience a concert that is almost as good as the original. Queen, Abba, Dire Straits, Tina Turner, Mecano and Michael Jackson will be honored onstage with performances by these tribute bands in January.Which is your favorite?

  • Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Bolero, Ravel

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Bolero, Ravel

    There are classical music pieces that are universally recognizable, even for audiences with little knowledge of this type of music. They are masterpieces in the history of classical music, which have reached us all, owing to their sensitivity, their poetry and their harmonious melodies. The Symphonic Orchestra is bringing two of them to the Palau de la Música: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons and Ravel's Bolero. The Four Seasons is one of this Italian composer's most famous and well known pieces. In this work, the composer was able to put music to the feelings that the four seasons evoked in him. With “Bolero”, the French composer Ravel created one of the most virtuoso pieces of orchestral music ever composed. We now have the chance to listen to them both in the same evening.

  • Verdi's Traviata

    Verdi's Traviata

    In 1853, the La Fenice theater in Venice commissioned Verdi to compose an opera. This was the birth of La Traviata, one of the most famous operas of all time. Based on the novel Camille by Alejandro Dumas, this work is now being staged at the Palau de la Música Catalana with a symphonic orchestra, soloists, choirs, costumes and over eighty artists taking the stage.

  • Sir Simon Rattle & London Symphony Orchestra

    Sir Simon Rattle & London Symphony Orchestra

    The prestigious London Symphony Orchestra and its charismatic conductor and leader Sir Simon Rattle will be coming to the Palau de la Música to present us with a night devoted to Beethoven. With the aim of making each concert a rejuvenating experience for the audience, Rattle's baton will direct his orchestra in "Symphony No. 7" and the piece "Christ on the Mount of Olives" by the brilliant German composer.

  • La Bohème - Puccini

    La Bohème - Puccini

    With la Bohème, Giacomo Puccini composed an operatic depiction of bohemian life in the Paris of 1830. Based on the intertwining stories of young artists from the Latin Quarter of Paris and their love affairs, this opera in four acts premiered in 1896 in Turin and was highly successful. It has now come to the Palau de la Música in a dramatized two-hour version with symphonic orchestra, soloists and choir.

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