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  • Miró The most intimate legacy

    Miró The most intimate legacy

    The Miró family has recently donated 59 works by Joan Miró to the foundation bearing his name, which we can now view in a special exhibition. "Miró. The most intimate legacy", the name given to the exhibition, also includes other previously donated works, and the set spans almost the entire life of the artist, from 1910, when Miró was just 17 years old, until 1976. Through these pieces, we will be able to understand and reflect on the painter's artistic discourse and discover the most personal Miró. The exhibition is complemented by activities such as visits, workshops and more.

  • Paul Klee and the secrets of nature

    Paul Klee and the secrets of nature

    Continuing with a series of exhibitions in collaboration with monographic museums around the world, the Fundació Joan Miró will present a major exhibition dedicated to Paul Klee in autumn 2022. The exhibition will explore the connection that both Joan Miró and Paul Klee had with nature, and most of the works on display will revolve around this concept. The exhibition is sponsored by BBVA and organised in collaboration with the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern.

  • Museums


    Art, culture, science and entertainment come together in Barcelona's museums.

  • Pla de l'Os

    Pla de l'Os

    Thousands of people walk over Joan Miró's pavement mosaic in the centre of Barcelona's Rambla. It goes unnoticed by some, others stop to look at the characteristic colours used by the Barcelona-born artist. However, few people know that an important Rambla landmark once stood opposite this site: the famous Boqueria gate.

  • Parc de Joan Miró

    Parc de Joan Miró

    Known locally as the "Parc de l'Escorxador", this park is a jigsaw puzzle of different elements set out around a cement plaza designed to host all kinds of events and activities.

  • Four days in Barcelona

    Four days in Barcelona

    You can get a lot out of four days in Barcelona if you plan your visit carefully. Here are some suggestions which include the city’s main landmarks and even invite you to discover some of the areas outside Barcelona, so that you can really make the most of your trip.

  • Woman and Bird Joan Miró

    Woman and Bird Joan Miró

    A giant form protrudes from one end of the Parc de Joan Miró in Barcelona. It is the sculpture Woman and Bird by the Barcelona-born artist Joan Miró. The sculpture is one of Barcelona's iconic artistic landmarks.

  • Gastronomy in cultural centres

    Gastronomy in cultural centres

    Gastronomy and culture go hand in hand so much so that Barcelona combines culture with fine dining. You can eat in a Museum or in a unique builing here... the choice is yours!

  • Culture and food in Barcelona to suit all tastes

    Culture and food in Barcelona to suit all tastes

    If you can picture yourself enjoying the most iconic architecture and finest food, Barcelona is the place for you. You can dine at superb restaurants inside landmarks of historic and architectural interest. Have we whet your appetite?

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