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  • Where to sleep

    A hotel with views, a tent in a campsite in the countryside, a city-centre apartment… Barcelona offers a wide range of accommodation so that everyone can find their perfect base camp. Here are some great ideas.

  • Sustainability


    Barcelona is committed to every aspect of sustainability.

  • Safety coexistence and health

    Safety coexistence and health

    Barcelona is an open city that is fun to live in and we want to keep it that way.

  • ZBE Rondes de Barcelona

    ZBE Rondes de Barcelona

  • Sustainable Barcelona

  • Green Barcelona

    Green Barcelona

    Nature is also a key element of the city. Parks and gardens are our urban green spaces, and allow you to switch off, breathe in some fresh air, and recharge your batteries.

  • Blue Barcelona

    Blue Barcelona

    The bond between Barcelona and the sea goes back to even before Roman Barcino. The city has lived from the sea and for the sea, and throughout its history it has been a conduit for meeting and sharing cultures.

  • Biosphere Responsible Tourism destination

    Biosphere Responsible Tourism destination

    Thousands of trees, dozens of parks and gardens, the Mediterranean Sea, an efficient public transport system with a low environmental impact, and a cultural, commercial, hotel and restaurant offering that is committed to respecting the environment all make Barcelona a truly sustainable destination.

  • Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way

    Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way

    In addition to walking, you can make use of public transport, electric vehicles or bicycles, which offer a safe, fast and sustainable way to visit Barcelona.

  • Sustainable mobility

    Sustainable mobility

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