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    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    In the heart of the Gothic Quarter, one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Barcelona, you will find Agüelo Taberna, a multi-purpose restaurant ideal for lunch, dinner, a cocktail or an event. It has spaces, among which the Sala "Entre Muros" stands out, with attractive vaulted ceilings and remains of the Roman Wall. It enchants and surprises those who visit it.

    Avinyó, 37, 08002, Barcelona | Tel: 937 60 71 50 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    Next to one of the main arteries of Barcelona, the Via Laietana, and a few steps from the central market of Santa Caterina, is the Arcano restaurant. Located in an old stables from the 17th century, with a beautiful Romanesque stamp, arched shapes and stone walls that crown a large part of its spaces.
    Our Mediterranean cuisine is an invitation to the traditional cookbook of the coastal region based on fresh and balanced dishes that will make your stay a true moment of taste and pleasure.
    Enjoy a wine tasting paired with a variety of tapas, designed for each type of wine.

    Mercaders, 10, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:932 956 467 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    The Arenal restaurant is located on the Barceloneta beach. Its privileged terrace and its living room with sea views from any corner stand out. It offers exquisite seasonal Mediterranean cuisine based on the traditional marine cookbook, highlighting specialties with a sea flavor: rice and paellas, fish and seafood.

    Passeig Marítim de la Barcelona s/n, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:932 210 810 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    Classic Mediterranean bistro fare with a contemporary twist. Simple dishes made with market-fresh, seasonal produce, cooked to perfection with delicate, yet nuanced flavours. Hand-picked selection of Catalan wines and irresistible desserts.

    Via Laietana, 30. Grand Hotel Central, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:932 957 905 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    Cadaqués offers a culinary immersion in the thousand-year-old cuisine of the Mediterranean in one of the most dynamic spots in the city. A new culinary concept based on the world of rice dishes and Mediterranean culture. Sea, mountains and gardens blend together in a new space that is committed to traditional recipes, local produce and a ground-breaking format. Rice cooked with the power and aroma of our selected woods, fish and seafood fresh from the docks, great dishes that are the legacy passed down from fishing cultures.

    Reina Cristina, 6, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:902 520 522 | Email: | Web:

  • CASA AMÀLIA 1950

    6 | CASA AMÀLIA 1950

    Market-fresh | Eixample

    Casa Amalia, a restaurant made up of a young team of passionate professionals and gastronomy lovers. Let's select the best product and take care of the least detail and make the customer enjoy full experience. The aim of Casa Amalia is not only to achieve a cuisine of 10 but to make the customer feel at home. Market queue for traditional roots and brushstrokes of innovative gastronomic techniques always guaranteeing respect for the best product, service and respecting the planet with sustainable and faithful processes to this philosophy.

    Ptge.del Mercat, 14, 08009, Barcelona | Tel:934 589 458 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Eixample

    At Casa Moritz you will find fresh beer from the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, the most beer-centred menu in the world signed by the Michelin-starred chef Jordi Vilà and design made in Barcelona. And all this in the city center of Barcelona.

    Rambla Catalunya, 79, 08007, Barcelona | Tel:938 269 062 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Eixample

    Founded in 1911, it was one of the most dazzling hardware stores in Barcelona, but few knew the secrets it hid inside. During the civil war he locked up a secret dining room in his basement, from there his clandestine spirit with the soul of Jazz always endured. Finally, with the same love with which nuts, nails or screws were chosen for 100 years, we now select beers, wines, sausages, fish, preserves and other local products that we make with all our love. We also have different rooms and spaces where you can enjoy our gastronomy

    Ronda Sant Pere, 74, 08010, Barcelona | Tel:936 258 200 | Email: | Web:


    9 | CENT ONZE

    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    Just 111 steps from the city's most iconic market, the Boqueria, a sign of the market produce used in its cuisine, you will find CentOnze restaurant. Come and taste the good things in life through local and fresh ingredients full of Mediterranean flavors and aromas and discover an oasis in the heart of Barcelona, a unique space from where you can observe the hectic life of Las Ramblas through its large windows.

    La Rambla, 111. Hotel Le Méridien Barcelona, 08002, Barcelona | Tel:933 164 660 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Eixample

    Culinary venture consisting of two distinct spaces. Chicha, a gastro-tavern serving signature dishes and tasting platters with a cutting-edge twist, along with ten different kinds of vermouth, organic wines, beers and signature cocktails. Limoná, a haven of peace: organic wholemeal bread, natural juices, artisan pizzas, organic eggs, salads.

    Pg. de Sant Joan, 80, 08009, Barcelona | Tel:932 776 403 | Email: | Web:



    Market-fresh | Ciutat Vella

    Hidden at the end of a corridor, we are a restaurant that has been working for more than 40 years without a placard or menu. Focused on the sea, the quality of the product is the basis of all our gastronomic offer, accompanied by wines from our cellar.

    Pla de Palau, 2, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:933 101 021 | Email: | Web:

  • elPetitFIRO

    12 | elPetitFIRO

    Market-fresh | Eixample

    You may want to snack at the bar, tapes and tasting platters; or perhaps you would prefer a rice dish. elPetitFIRO never fails to surprise the palate with seasonal produce dishes and the fusion of cuisines around the world.

    Avda. Gaudí, 81, 08025, Barcelona | Tel:935 313 736 | Email: | Web:

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