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    1 | CAELIS

    Signature | Ciutat Vella

    Chef Romain Fornell has held a Michelin star at this restaurant since 2005. The three tasting and wine-pairing menus are particularly recommended (one is vegetarian). It also has a comprehensive lunch menu at a very competitive price. Private dining room. The entire restaurant is available for private hire.

    Via Laietana, 49. Hotel Ohla Barcelona, 08003, Barcelona | Tel:935 101 205 | Email: | Web:



    Catalan | Eixample

    Highly creative, Mediterranean-inspired tasting menus featuring contemporary Catalan cuisine. Modern, sophisticated ambience. The chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings is particularly recommended.

    Entença, 60, 08015, Barcelona | Tel:933 239 490 | Email: | Web:



    Signature | Eixample

    Restaurant serving creative haute cuisine. Mediterranean décor and ambiance in the centre of Barcelona, with friendly, welcoming service. Restaurant offering a wide range of dining options on its four tasting menus with pairing: Gran Festival, Gran Clàssic, Disfrutar Festival and Disfrutar Clàssic.

    Villarroel, 163, 08036, Barcelona | Tel:933 486 896 | Email: | Web:



    Asian | Ciutat Vella

    The life at elBulli shaped our way of thinking, understanding, cooking and the utmost respect forraw materials.

    The “tapa” concept as a way of understanding gastronomy. The simplicity –within complexity– a reflection of our cuisine. Asian cuisine, our challenge. Study and work, our way.

    Dos palillos gastronomy is a creative cuisine, based on Asian gastronomy; mainly from Japan, China and Southeast Asia.
    The way to express our cuisine is through the tasting menu, 200% recommended; but if you prefer to enjoy à la carte, you can do so at the Sake Bar.

    Asia and Spain: two different cultures that use chopsticks to eat. Orientals use them as tongs to pick up small portions of food; here, in the bars the toothpick is the king of “tapas” different in shape but similar in use; they symbolize the itinerary between the dish and the mouth; two pure, basic wooden utensils, minimal in design, primitive and modern at the same time.

    A coincidence but also one more excuse to join two gastronomic cultures.

    Elisabets, 9, 08001, Barcelona | Tel:933 040 513 | Email: | Web:



    Signature | Eixample

    Barcelona’s temple to Martín Berasategui’s cuisine. Completely refurbished, the restaurant has a stunning modern, state-of-the-art interior with dining areas that are more spacious, light and airy. Situated on a mezzanine above the kitchen with a glass wall, the chef’s table seats eight people and gives you a close up view of the dishes being made.
    Tasting menu paired with wines.

    Mallorca, 259. Hotel Monument, 08008, Barcelona | Tel:934 453 242 | Email: | Web:


    6 | VIA VENETO

    Market-fresh | Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

    This is one of the city's landmark restaurants where proprietors Messrs. Monje and son pay tribute to traditional Catalan cooking, with subtle signature touches from master chef David Andrés. Wine tastings and tours of the cellar accompanied by the sommelier.

    Ganduxer, 10, 08021, Barcelona | Tel:932 007 244 | Email: | Web:



    Signature | Eixample

    Traditional dishes from the Terres de l’Ebre. Signature dishes with the innovative twists you would expect of chef Fran López. Locally sourced, quality, seasonal produce sourced mainly from the markets in the Ebro Delta and Barcelona, and with ingredients from around the world that respect the essence of the dishes.
    Tasting menu paired with different wines and cavas.

    Còrsega, 289, 08008, Barcelona | Tel:937 379 080 | Email: | Web:

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