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    Edifici Fòrum

    The Forum Building is the fulcrum of the new district known as Diagonal Mar. This indigo-blue structure, a 180m equilateral triangle, looms above the plaza that surrounds it and has become the most iconic landmark of the Forum of Cultures held in Barcelona in 2004. It was designed as a volume, which would house a new civic space below.

    Like a giant spaceship about to take off, the vast triangular volume of the Forum Building stands between the city and the sea. The Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron were in charge of the most ambitious building created for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, located strategically in the centre of the new district of Diagonal Mar in Barcelona. The building is shaped like a huge equilateral triangle, raised from the ground by pillars to allow pedestrians to pass beneath and integrating with the public space of the plaza where it is located. The three sides, which are an eye-catching shade of vivid indigo blue, are 180 metres long and 25 metres high. A series of strips cut out of the sides let light into the building through panes of glass that give the impression of water flowing downwards.

    Inside the Forum Building there is an auditorium seating 3,200, connected to the adjacent Barcelona International CCIB-CCIB-Convention Centre by an underground passageway. The first floor of the Forum Building hosts two permanent exhibitions about Barcelona.

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