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Barcelona's markets

Few cities in the world have such a rich and varied network of markets as Barcelona. There are 39 of them selling fresh food and four specialising in non-food products that are the perfect complement to this unique and distinctive offering. The city's food markets supply us with fresh, organic and locally sourced produce brought in daily from the farms and fish markets in the neighbouring counties. Some of the stalls now display the “Comerç Verd”, or green commerce, sign, to show they sell this type of product. Barcelona's markets are a unique part of the city's heritage in every sense: their architecture and design, their history, the variety of the products on offer and their role as hubs of community life in every neighbourhood make them iconic places you simply have to visit. Wander between the different stalls, be entranced by the aromas and colours, and stop for a drink and a bite to eat at their restaurants and bars which serve up dishes made with the produce from the market. Our markets' ability to supply fresh, carbon-neutral and seasonal produce is certainly one of the factors that have contributed to Barcelona being named World Sustainable Food Capital 2021. Come and visit them and enjoy an experience that encapsulates the spirit of the city!

  • Food markets


    Food markets

    If you're a fan of healthy food and fresh produce, Barcelona's food markets are an absolute must. They are a spectacle of a thousand colours and aromas, where the locals do their weekly shop and professional chefs go in search of the finest fresh produce to offer their guests. You'll find seasonal, locally sourced produce – from the land and sea, poultry, game… – that forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

  • Markets selling non-food items


    Markets selling non-food items

    Who doesn't enjoy browsing and wandering through markets in search of that much-desired object? In Barcelona, you'll find a great choice of open-air markets, specialising in non-food items, which have everything you need: clothes, furniture, antiques, electrical goods, cosmetics, toys, books, magazines, comics, old documents, drawing materials, rocks and minerals, stamps... You're sure to find what you're looking for.

  • Mercat Antic Barcelona


    Open-air markets

    If you're a curious person, a collector or treasure hunter, Barcelona has a wide range of open-air markets that will more than live up to your expectations. At these amazing markets, you'll find everything you're looking for, from clothes and antiques to books, antique documents, comics, design objects and much more. Choose the one that matches your interests the best.

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