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Visits and Guided Tours

Signing up for a guided tour of shops and markets where local produce takes centre stage is a great way to discover a destination's food and wine. Let our expert guides tell you the history, secrets and anecdotes of Barcelona's wine and food heritage.

All you have to do is decide if you want to sample some tapas, go wine-tasting, try typical Catalan dishes, visit markets, explore shops filled with sweet temptations … or do them all!

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  • Born to eat

    Eat, drink and discover Born neighborhood with this tapas and wines tour, as you see the city's sights from a local's view. In Wanderbeak we share our passion for the stories behind the food, the traditions, the neighborhoods and the people who live here.

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  • Boutique Wineries, Wine & Tapas

    A half-day trip to two unique, small-scale wineries in Barcelona's wine-growing region. You will sample cavas and wines, all made with traditional processes, paired with delicious tapas. A guided tour combining culture, art and gastronomy in a matchless setting: the vineyards.

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  • Catalunya Bus Turístic Wine & Cava

    The Catalunya Bus Turístic takes you to other kinds of landmarks that are also part of Catalonia's heritage: the Penedès wineries where you'll learn how wine and cava are made. You'll also have the opportunity to taste them!

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  • Montserrat, food and wine

    Routes from Barcelona that combine wine, culture and gastronomy. Discover the Sanctuary located in the magical mountain of Montserrat while you learn all its stories and secrets. Enjoy a meal and meet the best wines at a small, organic and family winery: Oller de Mas. You can choose this experience in two modalities: half day with tapas and full day with Catalan menú catalán.

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    Buy this product Montserrat, tapas and wine at ► VisitBarcelona Tickets

  • Can Calopa-L'Olivera Cooperativa

    L'Olivera is a social cooperative that invites you to sample a wide range of wines and olive oils, that are the result of its social and organic farming project. Visit the winery and vineyards at the Can Calopa de Dalt farm, in Barcelona's Parc de Collserola, and enjoy lunches and pairings of the wines and olive oils made there. You'll also be able to buy the products in the farm shop.

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  • Gourmet Gaudí

    Join the Gourmet Gaudí tour to discover the city's iconic modernista buildings, while you enjoy a gourmet experience that includes an artisan chocolate tasting, a wine and oyster pairing and Michelin-starred dining. The tour ends with stunning surroundings boasting spectacular views of Barcelona.

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  • Market Lunch Tour

    If you want to understand the city's food, all you have to do is experience the magic of its markets. On this tour, you'll discover the life behind the stalls at the Ninot Market, you'll enjoy the finest fresh food, produced locally and of the highest quality and traditional drinks, from cavas to fruity Wines.

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  • Penedes Ecotours

    Discover the magnificent wine-producing region of the Penedès by bike at your own pace or led by an expert guide. An eco-friendly, sustainable trip that will reveal the secrets of wine and cava.

    For further information: Tel. 622 619 870 |

  • Venivinum

    Venivinum's wine trails will give you an insight into Catalonia's most personal and special wines. From Barcelona you can enjoy the combination of ancestral agriculture with wineries that produce the best natural sparkling, biodynamic and organic wines. We'll visit the winery, using the least-polluting means of transport, have lunch and return to Barcelona.

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