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Tastings and Pairings

Learn to spot different types of cava or wine, find out which kinds of ingredients and food go together best, and learn from wine experts: a plan you shouldn't miss if you're in Barcelona and are a food and wine lover.

Here are a series of activities that will give free rein to your curiosity: from distinguishing between the different wines in the different DOs in the counties of Barcelona with panoramic city views, to learning the basics of wine- and cava-tasting as well as the pleasure of tasting the typical ingredients in our dishes with fine wines in the heart of the Penedès. You'll be spoilt for choice!

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  • Wine, cheese and Iberico ham pairing

    Enjoying a fine wine with an excellent cheese is one of the highlights of local gastronomy. Here's your chance to choose what you like best and learn from a wine expert in the heart of the Penedès.

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  • Forn Elias 1917

    A bakery of many years' standing, with the third generation of the Elias family at the helm, which uses traditional bread-making methods and is committed to quality with the best raw ingredients. A wonderful choice of products: different breads every day of the week, high-fibre biscuits, cakes, muffins, the traditional Epiphany cake, Easter cake, seasonal recipes, etc ... all with time-honoured flavours.

    For further information: Tel. 934 556 176 |

  • Forn Mistral

    The historic Forn Mistral is a tasting space where you can sample delicious hot chocolate, on its own or topped with freshly made whipped cream, accompanied by some of Barcelona's finest pastries, including spiral-shaped ensaimadas and croissants, or the sponge fingers, melindros. All made on the premises. A delicious snack you can't afford to miss! All our products, including our home-made, organic breads, can be bought on the premises.

    For further information: Tel. 933 018 037 |

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