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  • Basílica de la Sagrada Familia

Basílica de la Sagrada Familia

Gaudí's design consisted of a large church with a basilican floor-plan consisting of five naves and three transepts, in the shape of a Latin cross. It has bell towers, the tallest of them will be dedicated to Jesus Christ. There will be four shorter towers built around it which will symbolise the four Evangelists, and another one will be built behind it, above the apse, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Four more towers will be built over the Glory, Nativity and Passion façades which will symbolise the 12 apostles.

Actually, two of the three façades are open to visitors, as well the apse and museum, wich provides an insight into the past, present and future of the church with models, photographs, plans, decorative objects and audiovisual exhibit.

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