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  • Teresa Lanceta 'A un lado y al otro', 2020.

Teresa Lanceta. Open source weavingExhibitions
04/08/2022 - 09/11/2022

Teresa Lanceta's work from the seventies to the present comprises tapestries, canvases, paintings, drawings, writings and videos, and is the focus of this exhibition that encompasses her entire career. In the 1970s Teresa Lanceta (Barcelona 1951) began weaving as a means of artistic expression, and her works constitute both support and image, as she approaches weaving by focusing on the formal elements. Lanceta's work reclaims the usefulness of art and collective creation as opposed to the idea of individual genius and is not exempt from ecological reflection. The exhibition is completed with works by other artists invited by Lanceta herself, including La Trinxera, Olga Diego, Leire Vergara, Nicolás Malevé, Virginia García del Pino, Pedro G. Romero, Paula Crespo, Isabel Carballo and the project Los oficios del Raval, in collaboration with the Miquel Tarradell secondary school and the museum's Education Department.

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