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  • Casa SEAT Barcelona

  • Casa SEAT Barcelona

CASA SEATScience and innovation, Exhibitions

CASA SEAT is a space that combines mobility and culture. This meeting brings together a number of activities including exhibitions, food and music, along with the desire to discover the future of mobility through events that explore creative movement and spaces of connection.

Upcoming Events:

1/9-29/10 - Solar Potraits
22/09 - 7.30pm. Trío Concertando in concert
30/09 - 6:30pm. Literary Cafes: Miriam Reyes
1/10 - 7:30pm. Lluís Capdevila Trío in concert
8/10 - 1pm. Antonio Canales: el flamenco del siglo XXI
14/10 - Literary Cafes: Joan Fontcuberta
15/10 - 12m. - Breaking Bach - Carles Marigó

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