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In real time. The Rafael Tous Collection of conceptual artMain Events, Exhibitions
05/13/2021 - 01/09/2022

Macba is opening an exhibition featuring the collection of works put together by Rafael Tous, one of the most important art collectors in Catalonia. The collection consists essentially of conceptual art, and stands out as having been constructed from a sense of complicity and proximity. Drawn to committed art as a young man, Tous forged close links with artists of his generation. His collection includes pieces by Antoni Llena and Àngel Jové, representative of the Catalan conceptualism of the 1970s, the political criticism of Francesc Abad, Francesc Torres, the Grup de Treball and Muntadas, the social art of Joan Rabascall and Eulàlia Grau, the material and object research of Pere Noguera, Jordi Pablo and Jaume Xifra, views of the body and nature by Jordi Benito, Àngels Ribé, Fina Miralles and Carles Pujol, and the ritual ceremonies of the group known as Els Catalans de París (the Catalans of Paris), among other interests and artists.

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