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  • Diada de Sant Jordi in Barcelona

  • Diada de Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Sant Jordi 2023Main Events, Sant Jordi

This is one of the most keenly anticipated and widely celebrated Catalan public holidays. According to the traditional tale, Sant Jordi (Saint George) killed the dragon that used to live in Montblanc where it terrorized the local population, thus saving the king's daughter from certain death. Legend has it that a beautiful rose bush sprang up in the spot where the dragon's blood was spilled. From the 18th century onward, the Sant Jordi festival became widely identified as a Catalan 'fiesta' which these days arouses great popular, civic and cultural passion. On Sant Jordi's Day, lovers exchange a rose and a book and every town and city in Catalonia is filled with stalls set up to sell both.

19th to 21st April - Sant Jordi dialogs
22nd April - Proclamation of Sant Jordi by Imma Monsó, at 6pm.
23rd April - Breakfast of Sant Jordi. Palau de la Virreina, at 9:30am.
23rd April - Superilla de Sant Jordi: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes - Avinguda Diagonal - carrer de Pau Claris - carrer de Balmes.

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