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Picasso in familyFamily activities
02/23/2019 - 12/28/2019

On the last Saturday of the month, Picasso Museum welcomes families with children between 5 and 11 years old and offers the an activity to enjoy together.

A nose, two eyes, a mouth... - 23rd February and 28th September.
There are many ways of portraying the people we know.After looking at the portraits that Picasso painted, we propose doing our own in a very funny way.

Picasso travels to Paris, and we will too! - 30th March.
Picasso travelled to Paris and this changed his vision of art. Come and be the protagonists of this Paris with us.

A plate isn't a plate - 27th April.
Picasso takes a normal plate and turns it into a work of you want to do it yourself, too?

Picasso's colours - 25th May and 26th Octubre.
For artists, colour is one of the most important elements of their works. We will see which were Picasso's colours, and afterwards each of you will decide on yours...and will do it!

Photographic safari* - 29th June; 27th July (in English) and 31st August(in english).
Hunting the moment, fishing the smile, trapping the light...we will have fun taking photography beyond the selfie.

We've got too many words* - 30th November and 28th December.
A poem done with colours and a verse done with shapes. Picasso and his poet friends experimented on how to create new shapes of poetry, and we propose a few.

*Workshop visits linked to the temporary exhibitions.

By prior booking:
Limited capacity.
Approximate duration: 2 hours.

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