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Christmas activities for all the family at CosmocaixaFamily activities
2018 - 2019

Family activities at Cosmocaixa are never-ending. From planetariums designed for girls and boys to the first scientific discoveries, plus workshops to discover the amazing properties of sound. Children can learn and have fun at the same time at the unmatched setting of CosmoCaixa.

Permanent activities:

Touch Touch!
Bubble Planetarium
Dark Univers

  • Planetarium 2D. Cloe's Sky
  • Planetario 3D. The dream of flying

  • Other activities:

    Rodabot's journey - 15/9 to 16/12.
    Don't lose the North! - 1 to 16/12.
    Astronaut Academy - 22/12 to 5/1.
    Escape Science. The keys of the universe - 22/12 to 5/1.

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