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Lírics Concerts

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The essence of lyric opera


Concerts Lírics is a new cultural initiative that aims give audiences a greater insight into the essence of lyric opera and immerse them in the beauty of song.


La Petita Companyia Lírica is presenting two concerts – Viatge per la lírica del món (A journey around the world’s lyric opera) and Anem al cine (Let’s go to the movies) – that will give us the opportunity to appreciate the musical richness of each composition.

Viatge per la lírica del món (two singers and a pianist) will take us on a musical journey through South America, Central Europe, Italy and France, ending on the Iberian Peninsula and Catalonia. Brief commentaries will reveal the musical richness of each of the places visited.

Equally stunning are the colourful stained glass windows and a series of lamps, including a spectacular one hanging from the dome which lends the ensemble its own unique personality, as well as the magnificent central courtyard that lets light into the building and has an unusual carved wooden balcony resembling a gallery.

In Anem al cine (two singers and a pianist), we’ll hear excerpts of film music, tangos, songs and soundtracks you’re bound to know.

Let the beauty of song transport you!

Production: La Petita Companyia Lírica. Performers: Núria Vilà (soprano), Ximena Agurto (soprano), María Casado (soprano), Numil Guerra (soprano) Anaïs Masllorens (mezzosoprano), Facundo Muñoz (tenor) Ignacio Guzmán (tenor), Lucas Groppo (baritone), Jorge Tello (baritone). Capacity: 100 people approx. (Covid19). 200 people approx. (Normal).

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  • Entrance for lyric opera.

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