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  • D'A Film Festival

    D'A Film Festival

    D'A Film Festival Barcelona arrives on time for Spring. It is now in its eighth year with the best movies in the world, the most outstanding names in contemporary cinema, the best local productions, and movies that continuously redefine contemporary authors.

    Screening rooms:
    Aribau Club.
    Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).
    Filmoteca de Catalunya.
    SGAE Catalunya.

  • Pere Portabella. Cinema, art and politics.

    Pere Portabella. Cinema, art and politics.

    Pere Portabella himself, along with Antoni Vila Casas, are behind this exhibition that revolves around one of Spain's leading filmmakers and political activists. The figure of Pere Portabella is analyzed from a variety of perspectives such as the return of President Tarradellas, his friendship with artists such as Chillida, Antonio Saura, Joan Brossa and Joan Miró, the film Viridiana and his role as a cutting edge filmmaker. A totally fitting tribute.

  • Disney. The art of telling stories

    Disney. The art of telling stories

    Disney imaginary dates back many years. The childhood of millions of children from all over the world was marked by the versions that the Disney studios made of classical tales and legends, like King Midas, Hercules, The Three Little Pigs, The Grasshopper and the Ants, Snow White, Cinderella or Robin Hood. All this wealth of inspiration is now displayed at the exhibition "Disney. The art of telling stories". Through a wide range of drawings, visitors can wander through the creative background of the Disney studios.Thie illustrated material is complemented with production notes, storyboards and studies on people, which help to understand how classical stories became cartoon films.

  • XX MecalPro 2018

    XX MecalPro 2018

    MecalPro is the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival which offers a fascinating range of audiovisual screenings. The event includes short films shot in Spain and others from countries all over the world competing in four different official sections. There are also extra sessions and parallel activities covering a wide range of subject matter, genres, periods and filmmakers.

  • Fast & Furious Live

    Fast & Furious Live

    After its world premiere in London, the tour of Fast & Furious Live is coming to Barcelona to perform this unique extravaganza. So get ready to enjoy the excitement and adrenalin of this franchise aimed at lovers of speed.
    This unprecedented show reproduces the most jaw-dropping high-risk scenes from the films, thanks to authentic digital projections and state-of-the-art physical obstacles.
    Precision driving, acrobatic stunts that defy the laws of physics; in short, full on action at top speed!

  • Literary Barcelona at its best

    Literary Barcelona at its best

    Barcelona contains a host of literary Settings and many novels have vicariously helped their readers to travel. Now you can tour the city by following the Settings of certain books written by internationally renowned authors. We propose you 5 literary routes.

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