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  • World Snow Day

    World Snow Day

    World Snow Day, is held on 21 January, and Barcelona is joining in the celebrations. Barcelona is also snow and mountains! The Pyrenees mountains are just a short distance away.
    World Snow Day is promoted by the International Ski Federation (FIS). It is held in 46 countries throughout the world. With a total of 478 activities, its aim is for children and families to enjoy the snow, and to raise awareness on the need to protect and preserve nature.
    The following ski resorts and companies of the Catalan Pyrenees offer activities and special discounts on the occasion of this celebration:

    Baqueira Beret ski resort. Weekend of 14-15 and 20-21: special ski package (for everyone who has never skied before). Saturday 20. competition (BBB Ski Race Experience) and descent with torches; raffles and competitions on 20 and 21.
    Boí Taüll ski resort. On 21 January: free children's ski pass (6 to 15 years), family batucada drums and children's entertainment.
    La Molina ski resort. On 21 January: competitions (Cabirol Minifreestyler), snow baptism for those who don't know how to ski, and snow baptism of sports adapted for people with reduced mobility.
    Discover Pyrenees. On 20 and 21 January: 20% discount for outings with snow rackets in Cerdanya (families, half-day or full day), plus 20% discount at the Prullans Cerdanya Ecoresort (hotel, bungalow or apartment).
    RocRoi. From 15 to 21 January: special rates for outings with snow rackets and igloo buildings, at the Alt Pirineu nature park.

  • Skiing


    In the Catalan Pyrenees you can go Alpine skiing and Nordic skiing. The most adventurous among you can enjoy heli-skiing, cross-country skiing in mountainous areas along trails that pass between shelters high up in the mountains, along with many other activities.

  • Activities in the snow

    Activities in the snow

  • Baqueira Beret

    Baqueira Beret

    Located in the counties of the Val d'Aran and Pallars Sobirà, this is the largest skiable area in Catalonia (155 km). Standing on the north side of the Pyrenees, facing the Atlantic, its position guarantees a thick blanket of snow so you can enjoy skiing throughout the season.

  • La Molina

    La Molina

    Situated in the county of La Cerdenya, La Molina was Spain's first ski resort and pioneered winter sports in the country.

  • Masella


    The Masella ski resort is located in the county of La Cerdanya. Its skiable area covers 74 km and, a few years ago, a slope was built connecting it with its neighbouring resort, La Molina. Both resorts go under the name Alp 2500 and give you the opportunity to ski on over 135 km of slopes.

  • Tavascan


    Tavascan was the first resort in Spain to offer adaptive ski circuits with specially designed, signposted routes for people with sensory and physical impairments.

  • Vall de Núria

    Vall de Núria

    The Vall de Núria and La Molina are the cradles of winter sports in Catalonia.

  • Boí Taüll

    Boí Taüll

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