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  • Christmas Fair at Sagrada Família

    Christmas Fair at Sagrada Família

    Following the Catalan tradition of stands devoted to the Christmas holidays, the fair of the Sagrada Família offers many types of complements, from figures and accessories for the traditional nativity scenes to Christmas trees and various decorations. The handicrafts from different countries and by different artists also stand out. The festive atmosphere around this characteristic area of Barcelona is complemented with daily animation groups, which give out balloons and sweets and offer wine and cookie tasting.

  • Fira de Reis (Fair of the three wise men)

    Fira de Reis (Fair of the three wise men)

    The Spanish tradition of the Three Wise Men would not be the same without the Fair of the Three Wise Men that is organized every year along the avenue Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, between the streets of Muntaner and Calàbria. There you can find all kinds of toys, gifts, handicrafts and Christmas typical products. If you want, it is also possible to bring new toys to the stands of solidarity there. In Catalonia and Spain, the night of the January 5th is the most important day for all the children because the Three Wise Men visit every home and leave presents and toys for them while they sleep. According to the tradition, the previous days the children have to write a letter to Their Majesties the Three Wise Men asking for the presents they want and guaranteeing they have behaved well during the year that is ending. Otherwise, the Three Wise Men (that know everything) will leave them sweet coal instead of presents. Since times have changed, today the children can send their letter via email or through the website of the Three Wise Men, as well as via regular mail or through a royal page. The Fair of the Three Wise Men is also open on the night of January 5th until 3 am, in case Their Majesties have any last minute emergency.  

  • Alabama Gospel Choir

    Alabama Gospel Choir

    Alabama, one of the southern states of the United States, is the cradle of Gospel, a style forged by slaves which is dedicated to praising the word of God. Several centuries after its birth, Gospel continues to bear the same strength and is now much more spectacular. In fact the Alabama Gospel Choir will fill: the Palau de la Música. A mystical, intense and definitely vibrant experience.

  • Three King's Parade in Barcelona

    Three King's Parade in Barcelona

    It is said that this is the most magical night of the year, and these three characters are definitely to 'blame'. The Three Kings are enthusiastically welcomed by children and adults every 5 January, just a few hours before they visit our homes bringing gifts for everyone who has been good during the rest of the year. The afternoon of the 5th of January, the Three Kings, with the amazing entourage, will most probably reach the city by sea, docking at the Barcelona Port and then they will parade around the city, giving sweets to the crowds as a prelude to this unique night. The Three King's floats, magnificently decorated, reflect all of the excitement and magic of this special tradition. Weeks beforehand, boys and girls have sent their letter to the Three Kings, asking for their gifts and at last they will see them in real life.

    The Parade starts from Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera at 6pm. The Three Kings and their retinue will then make their way through Pla de Palau, Pg. Isabel II, Via Laietana, Pl. Urquinaona, Fontanella, Pl. Catalunya, Pelai, Pl. Universitat, Rda. Sant Antoni, Sepúlveda, Av. Paral·lel, Pl. Espanya and Av. Reina Maria Cristina.

  • New Year's concert - Strauss Festival Orchestra and Ballet

    New Year's concert - Strauss Festival Orchestra and Ballet

    In keeping with tradition, the Strauss Festival Orchestra will perform the best waltzes, polkas and marches by Strauss:  Napoleon, Waltz of the flowers, Klipp Klapp, The emperor waltz or Champagne. The most famous waltz of all will also be performed: The Blue Danube, together with the Radetzky march which usually ends the evening to the beat of the audience applause. This renowned orchestra has 28 years of success with audiences of over 5 million throughout the world.

    Tickets on sale at the Plaça Catalunya Tourist Office, Plaça Sant Jaume Tourist Office, Sants Station, Oficina Catedral (COAC), Oficina Rambla-Liceu and Mirador de Colom.

  • Christmas at Font Màgica

    Christmas at Font Màgica

    The most famous fountain of Barcelona becomes more magical than ever during these holidays. The choreographs, in which the movement of water combines with the coloured lights and music, are getting ready for Christmas. The aquatic ballet of the city will dance to classical Christmas carols and other music of today by well-known groups.

    Similarly to other years, on 31 December, the fountain will host the New Year's Eve show and on 5 January, the special Three Kings Procession.

  • Christmas at the museumsand sites of architectural interest

    Christmas at the museumsand sites of architectural interest

    During the Christmas school holidays, the museums of the city are offering a very interesting alternative to get out of the house but without going out in the cold. It consists of various activities, workshops and proposals scheduled for these holidays, and which complement the interesting exhibitions currently being held. Many options that will make your Christmas a cultural and artistic adventure.

  • Carlos Núñez

    Carlos Núñez

    Carlos Núñez is pretty much a standard at the Mil·lenni Festival, this being the fifth time he has taken part. The Galician bagpiper has managed to make his concerts both traditional and full of surprises. He has always invited top-level guests such as The Chieftains or Capercaillie to showcase the different aspects of Celtic, Irish, Breton and Galician music, something he has successfully achieved with his latest album "Inter-celtic". This is a unique opportunity to enjoy and be amazed by bagpipe-playing traditions at the most festive concert of the year!

  • No child without a toy

    No child without a toy

    The campaign to collect toys and games promoted by Radio Barcelona aims to ensure that all sick or underprivileged children receive a gift from the Three Kings this Christmas.

    This year marks the 51st anniversary of the "No child without a toy" campaign organized by Radio Barcelona with the collaboration of Casino de l'Aliança del Poblenou, El Corte Inglés and the Barcelona City Council.
    This year the campaign is back with more magic, solidarity and energy than ever to continue delivering dreams.

    You'll find all the information on how you can collaborate on the website.

  • The Three Kings' Letter-Bearers

    The Three Kings' Letter-Bearers

    On 2, 3 and 4 January, some very special guests will be arriving in Plaça Catalunya and on the Santa Eulàlia schooner at the Moll de la Fusta: the pages of their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient, who will be welcoming all the children who want to deliver their letters in person.

    The time for this traditional presentation will be from 11:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:00 in Plaça Catalunya. You will also find all kinds of games, sports and other entertainment for the kids in a wonderfully-decorated venue.

    The times for delivering letters to the schooner in the Port are 10:30 to 14:30 and 16:00 to 19:30.

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