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  • Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt

    Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt

    Through objects that form part of the collection of the Barcelona Egyptian Museum, we can learn about many aspects of the relationship established by the ancient Egyptians with species of the animal world of their immediate environment. Apart from their use as an economic resource, pet or hunting prey, animals are present in a number of cultural expressions of Pharaonic Egypt. However, animals took on the central role in the religious field, more than in any other ancient civilization. For various reasons, the majority of species known by the Egyptians, were associated with a specific divinity. Mammals, insects, birds, fish or reptiles were used as models in the design of divine images, either their whole body or part of it. They were even mummified, for their remains to be used as a physical support to the immortal soul of their gods. Certainly one of the most attractive and new parts of the exhibition, is the presentation of results obtained from tomographies made on six animal mummies preserved in the Egyptian Museum

  • Fernando Vijande. Portrait: 1971-1986

    Fernando Vijande. Portrait: 1971-1986

    The big bet of 2017 at the Fundació Suñol revolves around the figure of Fernando Vijande, an exhibition that will take up all the showrooms available, including the Nivell Zero.

    From the first day, Fernando Vijande kept an original line, promoting avant-garde movements, but always keeping in mind his own aesthetic criteria and taste rather than the art market tendencies. His position was supported internationally in an exhibition called New Images from Spain showed at The Guggenheim Museum of New York in 1980 in which Vijande had the opportunity to display different artists that had been shown in his galleries.

    Fernando Vijande and 51 Artists will show works by 51 different artists that were exhibited at his galleries. These pieces will cohabit with recent works by the same artists and documentation from that vibrant and transgressive period. Some of these artists gained international recognition while they were exhibited at Galería Vandrés or Galería Vijande, such as Juan Bordes, Carmen Calvo, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Nino Longobardi, among many others. But at the same time, Vijande brought international artists to Spain like Robert Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe or Andy Warhol, whose works will be shown too.

  • After the End of the World

    After the End of the World

    "After the End of the World" is an exhibition about the planet of 2017, irreversibly transformed into an Anthropocene planet after two centuries of human intervention in natural systems. But it is also an exhibition about how we will reach the world of the latter half of the 21st century, and about our society's responsibility to the generations who will be born and grow up in it. The project brings together voices from the various disciplines of creation and thought; together, artists, filmmakers, novelists, playwrights, architects, designers and scientists will imagine scenes, stories and escape routes to the different possible worlds that we can build, according to the decisions we make in the coming years—decisions in which we are all much more than mere spectators.

  • MACBA collection. Beneath the surface

    MACBA collection. Beneath the surface

    MACBA Collection. Beneath the Surface brings together works that focus on the problems deriving from representation and its limits, as well as the relevance and incidence of the artist and art in contemporary society. Although from different conceptual and formal approaches, many of these pieces share references to Conceptual art, forms derived from Minimalism and a contemporary fascination with material and surface. Beneath the Surface, and hence the title, examines the interest in aspects beneath which lie contents of a very different nature. It is worth mentioning the performatic component that permeates some of the works.

    The exhibition is integrated by works of various formats and typologies by artists such as Ignasi Aballí, Antoni Tàpies, Lucio Fontana, Karla Black, Art & Language, Angela de la Cruz, Derek Jarman, Latifa Echakhch, Félix González-Torres, Charlotte Posenenske, Rita McBride, Gregor Schneider, Doris Salcedo and Michelangelo Pistoletto, among others.

  • Explore and claim. Niebla's painting

    Explore and claim. Niebla's painting

    Explore & Claim is an anthological exhibition in which the main chapters of the artistic production of Josep Niebla are shown, emphasizing the series that for their interest are especially attractive, such as those dedicated to architecture or which he calls "the plastic-political alphabet" and also his manipulated diaries, the seas and Africa.

    Born in Morocco in 1945, Josep Niebla has lived in Catalonia since 1962. He studied Fine Arts in Tetuan (Morocco), Seville, Barcelona and Paris. Throughout his career he has presented his work in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in almost 200 exhibitions. And his work forms part of diverse collections of art and private museums.

  • Granados, from Paris to Goya

    Granados, from Paris to Goya

    The Music Museum of Barcelona presents the great commemorative exhibition of Granados, from Paris to Goya, which reveals the most European, innovative and modernist side of Enric Granados.The arrival of the exhibition in Barcelona is the culmination of Granados Year, which started in 2016 on the occasion of the centenary of the composer's death. It continues throughout 2017, 150 years from when he was born.

    This exhibition celebrates the modern artist, the music he read, the pianist who painted, the composer with delicate gestures, who was heard from Barcelona to New York. Through music scores and original documents of the composer, such as letters, photographs and draft copies, visitors can immerse themselves in the surroundings of museums which Granados used to visit and the artists' studios he enjoued so much.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Cosmocaixa is bringing Trix to Barcelona. Trix is a tyrannosaurus rex found in Montana, USA, by a Dutch team. Well, rather its skeleton. It is one of the three most complete skeletons ever found, with over half its bones and without being deformed. By viewing Trix, we can learn how to interpret data from paleontologists to answer key questions about when it lived, why it is so well preserved, what it ate and much more.

  • Rosemarie Castoro. Focusing on infinity

    Rosemarie Castoro. Focusing on infinity

    The Macba presents the first institutional retrospective of Rosemarie Castoro, (1939-2015). The exhibition focuses on the period from 1964 to 1979. Castoro was a multidisciplinary artist, who formed part of the New York vanguard, with wide artistic experience that included abstract painting, conceptual art, street and studio performance actions, sculpture, installations and land art.. "Rosemarie Castoro.Focusing on infinity" also analyzes her activist aspect. It examines how her interest for dance is shown in her way of reading a space and in the performance photographs of her works, which she describes as "stages and containers for the body".

  • Oceans, the last wild territory

    Oceans, the last wild territory

    The Barcelona Museum of Natural Sciences is offering an audiovisual experience of the seabeds of the entire planet to discover the beauty and richness of the oceans and the importance of preserving them thanks to the exhibition Oceans, the last wild territory, based on the documentary Oceans by J. Perrin and J. Cluzaud.
    One of the attractions of the exhibition is the giant curved screen that heightens the sensation of immersion, doubling the enjoyment of this unique opportunity to submerge yourself in the oceans of the five continents. The visit also includes a circuit of 14 giant high definition screens, life-sized replicas of marine creatures and stereoscopic images in 3D that need to be viewed through special glasses. The exhibition is rounded off with some interactive devices with basic information about the oceans along with an area dedicated to children's activities.

  • Musicant el Museu Frederic Marés

    Musicant el Museu Frederic Marés

    The other voices. 400 years of Joan Cererols is here within the III Cycle of small format Concerts, inspired in the Museum collections.
    The paintings dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat and the music of Dichos Diábolos will create the atmosphere of the period, with the background of the celebration of 400 years since the birth of Cererols, considered the first great composer of Catalan Baroque.
    A recital that cannot be missed!

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