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  • Fira de Sant Ponç

    Fira de Sant Ponç

    Barcelona has held a medicinal herb fair since the Middle Ages. In the 16th century it was decided to hold it on 11 May, the feast day of Sant Ponç. Today herbalists and crafts people line their stalls along Carrer de l'Hospital, in the Raval neighbourhood, where they have been since 1817, after passing through Plaça de Sant Miquel, Carrer de Sant Cugat del Rec and the area round Hospital de la Santa Creu.
    The crowds of visitors who go there every year can find honey, fruit preserves, jam and marmalade, mató cheese, craft cheese, medicinal herbs and other products associated with eating and health. The fair is held in May because that is the time when most medicinal herbs blossom and are at their best.
    The feast day of the patron saint of herbalists and beekeepers is also celebrated with other activities the Unió de Sant Ponç organises around this fair. On the night of 10 May, the saint's image is decorated with herbs and flowers to preside over the mass offered to him the following day, when it is taken in procession to bless the medicinal herbs that have been brought.

  • Biergarten - Beer festival

    Biergarten - Beer festival

    For the fifth consecutive year, from 27 April to 1 May and from 4-6 May, the Plaça Major of the Spanish Village in Barcelona will be transformed into a typical German Beergarden where beer and food will be combined with workshops, competitions, prizes, music, fun and lots of surprises.
    The Beer Festival is returning this spring and there will be something for everyone! Fun competitions (beer mug lifting and hot dog competition, among others), live music and workshops; without forgetting some options for the youngsters!
    Don't miss out on this entertaining way of seeing in the spring… with either family or friends!

  • Parks of Barcelona route

    Parks of Barcelona route

    There are many different sides to Barcelona: the Barcelona with its traditional neighbourhoods, the Gothic, modernista and contemporary city… but there is also a green Barcelona, the Barcelona of parks and gardens. You’ll find them dotted around the city. These green spaces are always interesting, whether it be for their plants, urban design or sculptures.

  • Beaches


    Barcelona has ten accessible beaches, with Wi-Fi and excellent amenities and services inviting you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year.

  • Protected natural areas

    Protected natural areas

    Nature in its purest state just a couple of hours away from Barcelona.

  • Mountain activities

    Mountain activities

  • Three city squares for a peaceful Sunday

    Three city squares for a peaceful Sunday

    City squares, particularly in Barcelona, are a meeting point, the focus of city life that gauge the mood of its residents. Spending a Sunday exploring the city's squares can be a great way to discover the city.

  • 23rd April, Sant Jordi. Find out why you'll want to be in Barcelona.

    23rd April, Sant Jordi. Find out why you'll want to be in Barcelona.

    There's one day every year when travellers and visitors to Barcelona feel like they're on another planet. This is a day when Barcelona is suffused with a different atmosphere and it seems that everybody heads to the streets. So if you're planning on coming to Barcelona and your visit coincides with 23rd April, you're in luck! You'll experience the city on what is arguably the Barcelonians' most cherished day.

  • On the vermouth trail: discover some of the best places to have an aperitif

    On the vermouth trail: discover some of the best places to have an aperitif

    Do you want to feel like a true Barcelonian? Well, if you do, you can't miss out on going for a vermut. For years this aromatic, herby wine has been the favourite Sunday pre-lunch tipple with local families.

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